Thursday, November 15, 2012

Your Favourite Memories of BBC Radio

As a boy glued to the radio weekly for Journey Into Space - Jet Morgan and Eagle of The Ninth, both edge of seat stuff for a seven year old. 

HHHancock's half-hour
Peter Brough & Archie Andrews
The Navy Lark, 
Grand Hotel with Max Jaffa and The Palm Court Orchestra (at bath time on a Sunday evening, only once a week then!), 
Sing Something Simple (as cares go by).
Those, without giving too much thought to it, were important entertainment milestones in my life as a young lad growing up without a television but an imagination sufficient to convert those early radio plays to the reality of 'being there' to equal any television broadcast. 


1960's: Two -way Family Favourites at Sunday lunchtimes in the mid 60's.

 I remember it first on the Light Programme and then later on Radio 2. 
It was always on when my Mum was making the Sunday lunch. 
(I can smell the Yorkshire puddings when I think of it!!)
1970's: Radio 1 roadshow and Smiley Miley.
 1990's: Radio 4's "I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue.

Always cheered me up on my drive's home from work. 
I still listen to it now when I can and was bought a great CD of the programme by our friends for Christmas last year.

Sunday evenings with Dick Barton,Special Agent ! (and Snowy!)  The whole family listened on the Redifusion!  Those were the days!

Thousands of Hours spent each morning with Terry Wogan ! I was (and am ) a TOG (Terry's Old Geezer)
Also, Workers' Playtime every post war lunchtime 

Editor pleads - 
Keep 'em coming! This is SUCH a trip down Memory Lane ! (Now....where was I ...?)

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