Thursday, November 1, 2012

Torremolinos Animal Shelter staff in Court

THE judge investigating alleged irregularities in a Torremolinos animal shelter's process of euthanising animals has indicted the centre's director on charges of animal cruelty and administering lethal injections without the proper qualifications.
The shelter's manager, who allegedly assisted the director in euthanizing more than 2,800 dogs and cats over a two-year period, is indicted on the same charges.
The investigating judge found evidence that the director of the Parque Animal shelter, Carmen Marín, "performed massive euthanising in the shelter, with the direct assistance of the employee F.B., and that both administered lethal medications to the animals in small doses, causing unnecessary and unjustified suffering until death".
Read more in the October 25 print edition of CDSN

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