Thursday, November 8, 2012

Too much rain for some towns

Recent rains have flooded several towns in the provinces of Cordoba, Sevilla and Jaen, leaving five people injured and millions of euro’s worth of material damage. 
The weekend’s orange alert has been reduced to yellow for the rains that continue across the region. 
The forecast for the next few days is wet with the odd dry day and getting colder. 
The upside is that the threat of drought no longer hangs over Malaga province, after an extremely dry Spring and Summer.
Most of the province’s reservoirs have now reached 70 per cent of their capacity. The fullest is the Guadalhorce reservoir - 94 per cent – and the Concepcion reservoir has the lowest level, at 50 per cent. 

However, it looks as if that may change over the next few days.

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