Monday, November 19, 2012

Tallest Unemployed Man in Spain...

The tallest unemployed man in Spain, 27 year old Saad Kaiche who was born in Algeria, and is 2 metres 30 tall (9´) and weighs 127 kilos, is now looking for employment in a basketball team.
He confesses that people stop him in street to have a photograph with him and every time he takes the Metro he bumps his head.
A few days ago he ran into Pepe Sillero, a basketball veteran, who has agreed to train Saad for a few days.
But Saad, it seems, is open to anything,
‘I could work with computers, and a painter, or electrician, I am a handyman’.
Shy  Kaiche, who has eight brothers back in Algeria said he is making the most of a five year residency in Spain in order to complete his curriculum.
He says he speaks Arabic, French, Spanish and even a little English.
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