Friday, November 30, 2012

Spanish Education Ranks 28th

The Spanish education is the 28th best in the world, according to a British editorial Pearson.
The list is led by Finland, South Korea and Hong Kong.
The study called ‘The learning curve’ evaluates the education system in forty developed and emerging countries with factors like the percentage of university graduates, economic investment, or academic result in mathematics, sciences of literature.
Japan, Singapore, the U.K. New Zealand, Switzerland and Canada make up the top ten, while the USA appears at 17th, just behind Portugal and ahead of Israel.
Bottom of the education survey are Chile, Turkey, Argentina, Colombia, Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, and Indonesia.
Spain invests more than €7,700 per pupil in public education and is 21% more than the EU average.
However the study from Pearson said the investment in the resources doesn’t necessarily mean elevated results.

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