Saturday, November 10, 2012

Satellite TV Question

Satellite question:
For the last month or so have been unable to get the BBC News channel (503) on SKY+ HD tv. Message appears “no satellite signal”.  

But BBC 1, ITV and SKY etc. channels all O.K., excellent signal, no problems. 
Tried all the usual unplugging/resetting etc. which SKY recommend and our sat dish hasn’t moved. Anyone had this problem locally ?
David (near Sayalonga)

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  1. All the BBC channels moved over to a new satellite (Astra 1N) on 12th October, this is harder to receive than the previous one. I can receive it okay with a 1.3m dish, check here it explains everything, it includes the new frequencies. If you cannot receive any of the other channels that are transmitted on the same transponder as BBC News then you will need a bigger dish.