Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Problems with SEUR Courriers ?

Has anyone had the same problems getting parcels from SEUR couriers?  
I have had the most awful time with 3 deliveries???.
First of all when you become alarmed because your packet has not arrived you contact the sender who hopefully gives you a tracking reference.
You go to the the company in UK who tells you Spain uses SEUR for deliveries. 

So, with great difficulty you get on to their website and it looks great.

Back in September( my first experience) I was horrified to find that they said they had tried to deliver my goods to me 5 times to no avail. 
So they sent thegoods back to UK. 
There had been no card in my post box or any sign of them when they said they had been. Eventually I got my parcel back from the UK but SEUR delivered to our local restauranteur who fortunately phoned me but then I had to go and collect.

Second case was a friend who wanted some boots sent to us from Kara.  
Same thing again the courier eventually just dropped the parcel into our local ferreteria
who again phoned us to collect it.

I should have had more sense. 
This time I waited in all day after the tracking said it was on the van for delivery. 
When I checked in the evening it said no deliverybecause of query on address.  
I phoned this morning and they kindly asked if I could go and collect it.  
The depot is on a trading estate on the far side of Malaga.
I not so politely told them they were being paid to deliver so it is now supposed to come tomorrow morning. 

I am not holding my breath.

Any other tales of woe? 

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