Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Prison for Making too much Noise!

A man has been condemned for four years and a day in prison because of the noise coming from his property in Fraga, Huesca.
The noise was generated between 2003 and 2007 when neighbours, Jaime Serra Vall and his wife could not obtain any sleep.
The cause was a live music club which José Luis Fariñas had set up in his basement.
According to the court statement, the owner of the property didn’t take any soundproofing measures. 

The neighbours Vall turned to the Town Hall to claim, becoming the first to do so and now both Jaime Serra Vall and his wife have each been awarded €7,220 €.
The Town Hall said the ‘acoustic contamination’ suffered every week meant that those affected suffered psychological disorders characterised by chronic tiredness, insomnia through stress and anxiousness.
The Supreme Court has supported the early decision given by the Huelva Provincial Court in November 2011.
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