Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pilots in dispute

Pilots in Iberia have denounced what it called a ‘brutal attack by the British’.
British Airways and Iberia have merged to create the IAG group, which is one of world’s largest airline groups.
The main pilots’ union Sepla, denounced ‘a brutal attack’ from the British towards the Iberia Company today, an hour before they met with the IAG Group, who told them at the meeting that a restructuring of the company forecasts the loss of 4,500 jobs. That’s a quarter part of the Iberia workforce.
The union said there was a plan in Spain to dismantle Ibería in order to finance British Airways.
‘We are prepared to make sacrifices because there is a crisis. That is evident. But it can’t be that BA is buying aircraft and Iberia is sacking the workforce. 

He said it was clear that B.A. wanted to convert Iberia into a low-cost operation.
The pilots have said they are going to ask for support from the Spanish Government.

Editor reminds you that a NATIONAL STRIKE has been called in Spain for Wednesday November 14th
Updates will appear in the VKIA

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