Monday, November 26, 2012

No trust when drugs involved

Recent drug robberies from the authorities in Andalucía include 154 kilos of cocaine and heroin taken from prison cells in the basement of a Sevilla police station. 
A corrupt agent in UDYCO Unit Against Delinquency and Organised Crime is allegedy to have some drugs each weekend using his rucksack. He carried out the drugs with the help of an accomplice and both are now being held in preventative prison.
The police are investigating the theft of 30 kilos of cocaine and heroin from right under noses of the National Institute of Toxicology’s Sevilla Headquarters. 

And finally, last year saw a gang rob 300 kilos of cocaine from the judicial deposit in Málaga Port. The thieves managed to disconnect an alarm system and the alarms were silent during most of the robberies which counted on inside information.
The thieves also learned how take over control of any camera.

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