Thursday, November 1, 2012

Most expensive fuel in Spain is where.... ?

WHEN it comes to the price of fuel for vehicles, the province of Málaga is one of the most expensive in the country.  
The finding comes from a study of 8,500 petrol stations made by the Real Automóvil Club de Cataluña (RACC) during September.
The highest prices for 95-octane petrol during the month were found in the provinces of Málaga, Huelva and the Balearics while the highest prices for diesel were being charged in Málaga, Zaragoza and the Balearics.  

The difference between the highest and lowest prices was found to be 26 cents which, the RACC says, equates to a difference of 13 euros when filling the average car petrol tank.

The filling station with the cheapest prices of all was found at Cortes de Pallás, a municipality south-west of Valencia, which was charging €1.330 for 95-octane and €1.225 for diesel.

Andalucía's average price for 95-octane in September was €1.52 compared with the national figure of €1.506, making it the second most expensive region in the country.  
For diesel Andalucía was the fourth most expensive region, at an average price of €1.451 compared with the national figure of €1.435 

Read more in the November 1st print edition of CDSN

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