Friday, November 23, 2012

More about Avocados (beware)

My wife and I absolutely love avocados and eat them many different ways from on their own to salads, salsas etc. 
But our love for this delicious fruit took on a different twist when, earlier this year, we read the book ''The Etymologicon'' by Mark Forsyth.
A book that springs from the blog ''Inky Fool'' written by the author that looks at the strange connections between words.
 In one section Forsyth looks at the etymology of the word.......... be prepared........ ''testicle''.
I quote directly from a passage in the book:
''Do you enjoy the taste of avocado? So did I, until the terrible day when I realised that I was eating Aztec balls. 

You see, the Aztecs noticed the avocado's shape and decided it resembled nothing so much as a big, green b*ll*ck. So they called it an ahuakatl, their word for testicle. 
When the Spanish arrived they misheard this slightly and called it aguacate and the English changed this slightly to avocado
To remember that I used to like avocados with a touch of walnut oil only adds to my shame.''
 The Etymologicon by Mark Forsyth.

 Sorry if I've put you off your lunch, gulp!!!
 (P.S. Forsyth's book and blog are both highly amusing and fascinating and I can thoroughly recommend them.)

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