Friday, November 30, 2012

Merger of the VKIA & Digame

As most of you know by now -  our Blogs are merging in order to bring a better information service to our  communities.
For those who missed the announcement yesterday - 

Many of the Subscribers  to the VKIA are already subscribed to Digame.
They need to do nothing - once the merger is complete -  they will continue to receive daily email postings.

(The completion of the Merger is dependent on a few software glitches & my ability to remember passwords....)

If you are NOT already subscribed to Digame, simply <Click> here
You will then be on the Digame Website.

On the right of the page is a box that says [Subscribe]
Follow the instructions to subscribe ( includes typing in those silly, wonky letters !)

You will get an email from the System to  CONFIRM your subscription.
Just <Click> where it tells you to <Click> and you will be up and running - ensuring that you miss nothing that's happening in our region.

Please do this today ......
I don't want to lose you!
Our Blog doesn't work without our Subscribers & Contributors.

<Click> now and Subscribe  ........

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