Saturday, November 10, 2012

Internet Access Problems

Dear Editor
Thanks for the daily blog, it's so useful to us.
In response to your item re Poor Internet Services  .....
We live between Venta Baja and Alcaucin and our internet service is provided by RioSat. We've been with them for 6 years and I would thoroughly recommend them. 

They are not the cheapest but the connection is reasonably fast (although I'm not an expert on speeds) and their customer service is excellent, any problems and they are on the case immediately. 
During all this awful weather we have not lost our connection once. We have a telephone line with them too. They can be contacted on or 626679018.

I have noticed that a lot of people are having problems with internet access. 

We did too, as we are out in the Campo and in a particularly unreceptive spot. 
A certain broadband company solved the situation, but we found ourselves unable to deal with them due to some differences of opinion on their billing strategy (and we weren't the only ones!)

Anyway now, after much irritation and money, we have bitten the financial bullet so to speak and have a Tooway Satellite System which, though comparatively expensive, is excellent and I would recommend it. 
We dealt through an English company, Avonline, but there are lots of others around now. 
The only downside is that when the clouds shroud the area reception is non-existent, but isn't that the case with most other systems? 
Worth considering.   Lyn

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