Monday, November 26, 2012

Imperial Eagles in Spain.

 The number of raptors has increased to historical levels thanks to the improvements in the power lines.
The mortality of the eagles has fallen by 62% thanks to the improvements made in the pylons and power lines. Now for every adult who dies there is always a chick to replace him or her.
Before the improvements since 1974, 158 Imperial Eagles, 40% of the species died in Andalucía, 101 of them in the Donaña Nature Park, with their bodies often found on the ground next to a pylon.
A report on the birds has now been put together, financed by Endesa, and promoted by the CSIC, The Superior Council for Scientific Investigations. 

It reveals that, thanks to the improvements in the power lines, Imperial Eagle deaths are down 62% across the country.
The author of the document is Miguel Ferrer, who is a CSIC researcher in the Biological Station in the Donaña, and President of MIGRES which dedicates itself in studies for conservation, environmental education, and the broadcasting of migratory birds.

‘The Imperial Eagle is demographically slow has normally seen a high mortality’. He said their work was to decrease even more the numbers to die.

Monday, Miguel Ferrer was in the United States, promoting the National Congress on Wind Parks and birds. He said that Spain has proved to be the pioneers in combining the respect for birds and the new wind mills. He said there have been mistaken placements of wind farms, some on high mountains where they provoke a high mortality.
Most of the investment is being made in Nature Parks which have previously been zones without any protection.
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