Friday, November 23, 2012

Hot Times at Málaga Airport....

MALAGA Airport has been forced to deny it has been switching off the air conditioning in order to cut costs.
Businessman Jeremy Nicholls, who travels through the airport every week, says temperatures regularly reach 27C when he checks in.
“The check-in staff told me they’d turned it off to cut costs,” said Nicholls, managing director of advertising firm Copywrite in Gibraltar.
“It can be like a hothouse waiting for flights, and back in September it was totally unbearable.
“Both staff and passengers have been up in arms,” insisted the 53-year-old, originally from London.
Another passenger, Gillian Clarke, from London, insisted the airport felt ‘overly warm’ when flying back to the UK from Malaga last month.
“But I couldn’t tell if that was due to a lack of air conditioning or not,” she said.
“It was just warmer than it should have been for an international airport.”
When contacted by the Olive Press, a Malaga airport spokesman flatly denied the claims.
“It is completely untrue,” she said.
“The airport, like all public buildings, is kept at a set temperature according to regulations.
“It is not arbitrary; it’s a fixed thing,” she added.

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