Monday, November 19, 2012

Help for Needy Families

The lovely people who thought of the idea . (See yesterday's VKIA post)
 speak English, German, Spanish
so give them a call on 952553671.

I know every year Eroski City (formerly Aliprox) has arranged a similar collection by leaving a trolley at they back of the checkouts for people to leave food donations at Christmas time. Perhaps this great initiative could be linked up with all local shops and supermarkets so that they can be collection points for the donations. Just a thought?

Re the initiative to help poorer families.....
This is a great idea but you haven’t said where to take our donations, and some idea of age/gender of children would be helpful in getting them something ‘special’! 


Editor writes:- It's Work in Progress! Don't worry - it will be well organised and VKIA will be publishing it. All ideas welcome I'm sure

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