Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Graffiti Artists Arrested

The Guardia Civil has arrested 21 Graffiti Artists who painted more than 160 vandal attacks on trains in several regions of the country.
They estimate that more than a million € damage has been caused in some 1000 examples of the graffiti, which the Guard Civil is studying studiously.
The Operation is called PICASSIN and has been developed across the county and the arrests were made in Badajoz, Sevilla, Córdona, Jaén, Málaga, Granada, and Ciudad Real.
Since the start of their investigation, the Guardia Civil has been compiling a database with all the details for the images, signatures and ‘tags’ of the painters. 

The Guardia has been tracking the internet see if the graffiti has been put on line by the guilty.
The Guardia Civil has also received information from other forces, and this proving significant. The Guardia has identified the names of several of the graffiti groups such as ‘RKS’, ‘Los 247’, and KSG.
RENFE has been giving images from their security cameras to the Guardia Civil and this has managed to identify many of the Graffiti painters.

(Let's give them places to do their art legally! Arts Councils all over the world pay thousands for much worse creations!  Ed)

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  1. Wonderful! the Guardia are pursuing people who paint on walls. I don't approve of that activity, just hope the Guardia keep their priorities real.