Thursday, November 8, 2012

Feedback on Poor Internet Services

We had Movistar  slow frustrating.
 In the campo 
Had to go and sit on a rock in the olive grove. Nice -  But not  when raining or the mozzies are hungry. 
Looked at all the ads.    
And called Broadband4spain. 
Tom and his lad came out yesterday 
Did not take long . (Both take milk one with 2 sugars) 
And just watch me go.   Press a button and works in seconds instead of minuets. 
Even watch the BBC iPlayer. 
The price is right. 
Hope this helps Dennis.

We have had problems with internet connection via Movistar for about 4 months.  

The problem has got worse.  
We were like you with timings then found some days we couldn't connect at all or when we did it would drop us almost immediately, sometimes it would only connect for 2 or 3 mintues at a time.  
Monday morning I had to wait nearly 3 hours to get a connection but yesterday got connected straight away and it stayed all day!!  This morning   it only took about an hour and has only dropped us 3 times which is good.  
I have had problems when trying to book flights/make purchases and it drops us at the payment stage then we have not been able to find out for days if the payment has gone through which is not just inconvenient but very frustrating. 
Our local guy who sold us the package says it is a Movistar problem and not router but to be honest I don't know. 

They don't help when we ring them as we don't speak Spanish, (we are taking lessons but are a long way off being able to communicate with them) they hang up on us. Yet they say they are English speaking!
We tried to cancel our package (out of contract time) but they don't/won't understand us. 

I too have had similar problems, but they occur at all times of day. Some days it is almost unusable. I had Telefonica out to the house& they did lots of things, but it is no better.
As I need internet access (uninterrupted!) it is a nightmare!
Perhaps Telefonica might read this and do something about it– ever hopeful!
Cruz del Monte

We are in Mallorca and the hotels here are now closed along with most places so don't think it can be over-usage. 
We have looked at other networks but they appear to be astronomical  in charges.  
We thought it  may be the weather but we get connection when raining or storms! sometimes, but lose connection on lovely sunny calm days.
We received an update from them which we tried to install  which doesn't work and to be honest are at the point of giving up.  ANY  HELP WOULD BE GRATEFULLY RECEIVED.  

Sorry I can't help with your question but maybe there is someone out there who has ideas how to solve the problem.
 I can only sympathise with this extremely annoying and frustrating situation.
 Kind regards
 ps.  Even though not on Mainland Spain find your site very helpful and interesting.

Editor writes  - Keep the feedback coming please. Access is a Life Line to people living in campo areas or those trying to provide a service &/or earn a living!

On a different theme
I was delighted to hear from Mallorca!
 If other subscribers get  a spare minute (WITH internet access!) drop me an email and tell us where you are - from Cómpeta, to Vekez,  to Frigiliana, to Viñuela - to  Barcelona - Paris - 
The White House.... wherever. 

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