Friday, November 30, 2012

Families in Need Update

This is a letter from one of the joint organisers - Graciela

We have had the permission of the Ayuntamiento for  people to bring their donations to the Tourist Office 
For those who would would like to see me personally, I will be working at the Tourist Office on Sunday the 9th
They can meet me there and bring their donations, if they prefer not to take them to the Priest of the village church..

We are still looking for a room where we can store the donations and organise them.

Please, if you have time, you can help us give them to the people who are on the list that Caritas provided for us.  
Caritas will be there too at the time and hope to have people of the different communities -  German, Danes, English, etc. so they all can see were it goes.

We agreed with the Priest, that the best time to give the parcels would be a week before Christmas so we hope to have all the donations collected by the 15th, to give us time to sort them out and match the parcels to the needs of the individual families.

Thanks again and regards,

Graciela   gravw @

Editor says :-  Please email Graciela if you can help in any capacity and let's fill the Tourist Office with provisions and toys!

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