Thursday, November 29, 2012

Families in Need - update

We are enclosing the wording for  a Christmas card that we thought we could include in every package so they know it comes from us and not an agency since, we are working in conjunction with Caritas, and so if you have any comment to it, it would be appreciated. 
Hoping and wishing that you would be generous with some of us, that are not as lucky as we. Sincerely
Peter & Graciela Wehrenfennig

Message for Christmas card... {Can be changed is anybody has something bettter)
Deseandoles una feliz Navidad y un Prospera Ano Nuevo.
Agradeciendoles su simpatia, hospitalidaad, Y amabilidd.
Dicembre 2012
Con Agradeciendo a Caritas su Ayuda.

To all our Friends,  We have discovered that there are 40-50 families in the village4 of Cómpeta, that do not have enough money to buy all the food they need, due to the Spanish economic situation

 So we thought that we,  as foreigners,  living here, should do something to help them. W
e were welcomed and accepted, so we would like to do something positive.
To help those families, to make a surprise gift of  a basketful of food.
 We have complied a list of useful items
 Here the List:
tomate frito
Alubias {beans)
Aceite (oil)
habichuela (beans)
Cafe (Pouder)
preserve food
Nutella Leche (Milk)
Vinagre (vinegar)
Zumo ( Juice)

 Also involved is the Caritas and the Pastor de Cómpeta.

They will provide the names of the Families; the number of family-members and their ages. 
So we can make the packages relevant.
If the shopping is not something you wish to do - you can make a financial donation.

Thank you so much for  to helping us to help the poor fellow citizens in Cómpeta to have a Felize Navidad!!
  Perhaps you would also ask your circle of friends if they would be  kind enough to help as well.

Editor writes: Several friends of mine have vouched for Peter & Graciela. We need have not reservations about donating food or money to them for distribution. I will find out to WHERE we deliver the food items and yo WHOM we give the money. Watch this space....

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