Thursday, November 29, 2012

Endesa & Electricity Meters

These Posts appeared in (our) Blog Digame today - too important to miss ....

Endesa letter

We have all received a letter from Endesa. This explains that they have had
to add back charges to our bills as a result of a change in the law. They
have kindly split the extra charge we have to pay into two equal parts, so
that explains the increase in our bills until December 2012. The bills will
revert back to normal (i.e. the amount we have used and the usual tariff. ).
Someone has translated it on

New contadors
Have you had a new contador yet? Well, take care what your 'potencia
contradador' is!
Endesa fixed our new meter last week. One afternoon this week I decided to
run the washing machine, then while it was running I decided to make a cake
and put the oven on. While it was heating up I thought I'd have a cup of
tea, so put the kettle on. Oh yes, the dishwasher was just completing its
Suddenly everything went off! I looked at our fuse box by the front door.
It looked perfectly normal so I thought it must be one of the plugs had
Nothing worked. My husband went out to the fuse box by the gate. There was
a little red light that he said usually flashed.
In the end, it got later and later until eventually we found an electrician
to come out to see what had happened. He had to come from Velez Malaga and
charged us 40€. Well worth it to us!! He discovered a little knob that he
pushed on the top of the new fuse box and hey presto! All the lights came
back on and we were able to have our television again.
It seems that our potencia was only 3.45 kw. The new meter limits our
potencia to just that.
It will cost us 120€ to have it increased and 4€ a 'periodo de facturacion'.
So if your electricity suddenly goes off, try pressing the button on the top
of your contador before you call out an electrician.


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