Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cómpeta Carpark - answers

The 'multi-storey' car park is closed because the residents of the apartments above the car park have apparently denounced the Ayuntamiento. 
I don't know the details of the denuncia, but as a result of that, the car park has had to be closed. 
No details as to how long for etc.
Avenida de la Constitucion 31, Local 2
29754 Competa
Tel: (+34) 952 55 37 55

I know little about the current or future plans for the Cómpeta parking lot but I just know they will never cut and remove the support pillars for more room.
That would render the structure worthless with no future potential other than the one it currently has
 Regards Len

I spoke to Jose Luis, the Alcalde, this morning on  Facebook.
The reason that the car park portion is closed is to do with the fact that the  people who live above are at loggerheads with the town hall ....  
However Jose  Luis says they hope to be starting on the first floor asap ... K.

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