Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Comarcal Question Answered

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When you get to the hospital, go through the main entrance, when facing the A&E dept, turn right and go up the stairs and the entrance is facing you on the left.  

All the outpatient departments are on the ground floor in three different Zones, A-C – your appointment letter will state which.  
You can ask at the main information desk if you are lost, or go to the Interpreters’ desk just past information and somebody there will help you.
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(Ed adds - on the Reception Desk are some sheets of paper that carry a plan of the hospital - take one! )

Consulta 12 is in Trauma.  

Go in the right hand main door, keep to the right, pass the Cafeteria, through the doorway, past Urology and you will find it is the first Consulta door of the 4 in Trauma, where there is a square of seats and lots of people in plaster casts!  
It is usually Dr Portillo in Consulta 12, or sometimes Dr Garcia. 

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