Sunday, November 18, 2012

BBC Radio

Just like you ED my earliest memory of BBC radio was Children's Favourites with Uncle Mac. 
I have been singing " I'm a Troll Rolly roll" all day trying to remember the title of the song?? 
Also like J.D. Yorkshire puds and Family Favourites mmm!! 
Later, when I was a teenager My Mom & Tony Blackburn used to try to get me out of my bed!
Oh how I loved my bed in the mornings!
Mom used to shout the bus is coming, she could see it coming down the road, to which I replied it can't be cos Tony Blackburn has just said it is 27minutes past. The bus was due on the half hour! 
To which my Mom replies "I DONT CARE WHAT Tony Blackburn says" You are going to miss the bus!!!! 
Again, like you Ed, when I was a bit older I used to travel to work with Ray Moore, God Bless Ray, he was like a friend.Oh the memories!! I think we had the best of times.
(Editor . We sure did .... the song you're singing in "Three Billy Goats Gruff" ...Bowldy-woll!

 Every one seems to have forgotten the best ever radio show of all time. 

I remember with such fantastic memories of "The Goon Show". 
Love it or hate it, it was before it's time, and provoked such colourful thoughts.
 A cartoon on the radio!!    G

Hi Ed,
As well as all the progs already mentioned, what about Women´s Hour and Mrs. Dale´s Diary?

 I remember doing keep fit with my Mum, must have been part of W´s Hour I suppose. 
Then we had to be quiet for ten minutes or so while she had " 40 winks"! 
That was torture!
 No one has mentioned the Archers? We were sailors and this programme always preceded the Shipping Forecast, vital info before all the satellite technology became available.
Happy memories, Katherine
(Editor writes - Oh Yes I did 'fess up about the Archers in my email that kicked off this  fascinating thread.... and I'm very worried about Ed and Emma at the moment.....

(More please..... soon we'll move on to BBC TV - Sylvia Peters & MacDonald Hobley and The Intervals! )

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