Friday, November 16, 2012

BBC Radio Memories continued......

I used to love "Round the Horne" on Sundays, with it's risqué wit and dry humour. I also remember Ray Moore on R2 weekday mornings & Brian Redhead on Today on R4. 
Memories memories!
Brian Berkeley-White, Bewdley, UK       (Ex ex-pat, Cómpeta)

Round the Horne every Sunday - still hilarious today and very risque! 

Billy Cotton Band Show - can always smell the roast potatoes when I think of this. 
Having to sit very quietly during Sing Something Simple.
The music heralding the start of Listen with Mother

Two Way Family Favourites and all the old favourite songs they played especially Deck of Cards and Big John and wondrous place names like Akrotiri and BFPO!

Dear Ed. Still feel the hairs on the back of my neck rise when I remember 
"Appointment with FEAR!" - with Valentine Dyall playing The Man in Black.
The whole thing was terrifying to a young lad! 

All this highbrow stuff - whatabout Wilfred Pickles....."What's on the Table, Mabel ?? "

 Happy, Nostalgic Editor writes:-

The BBC really is Pushing The Boat Out
There's an internet resource called :       90 by 90
The full set of 90 seconds of radio throughout the 90 years !
It's divided into years and genres.
Click below and listen.....listen.... and listen...

More contributions to the Blog  please......please...

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