Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Avocados should be classed as part of Mediterranean diet

AVOCADOS should be classed as being part of the ‘Mediterranean’ diet even though they were originally brought to Spain from the Americas, an expert has argued.
Manuel Martinez, from the European Institute of Mediterranean Food, said the fruit should be included because of its high nutritional value and the fact it arrived in Spain around the same time as the tomato.
The first avocados were recorded in Spain in 1616, while the tomato was brought over for cultivation in Spain towards the end of the 1500s.
“Historically speaking the two are in the same league,” insisted Martinez, speaking at a conference in Velez Malaga.
The ‘Mediterranean diet’, which includes tomatoes, wheat, wine and olive oil, is well known throughout the world for its low levels of saturated fat and high levels of anti-oxidants.
Eating the distinctive fruit, which is native to Central Mexico, has been linked to helping lower blood cholesterol levels.

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  1. The information on Avocado is so true, many people feel that they cannot eat them as they are fattening this is not the case. Yes they can be, if eaten to excess but a small one or half a large Avocado will give you more health benefits than some other types of food or even pills and potions that are often used to reduce Cholesterol. they are so nutritionally good for us.

    Jean Sampson