Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Tickets Going Fast
Oh no they're not...oh yes they are! 

Tickets for the CAMPO Adult Panto 'Aladdin' in the Museo des Artes y Costumbres, Competa are going at the speed of a magic carpet ride. 
Saturday 1st December has already SOLD OUT 
but there are still a few available for 
Friday 31st November and 
some more for Thursday 29th November. 
So rub your magic lamps and get your Genie to take you to Todo Papel, Sugar and Spice  or El Pilon restaurant in Competa to buy your tickets - 
€11 each including a Welcome Drink. 
Doors "Open Sesame" at 7.30 each night.

(Editor - cannot understand why Saturday is a sell out....when we all know it's a Strictly night....)   ;)

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