Thursday, October 18, 2012

Time to Write a Letter.....

BBC TV One Show:-     Write a Letter
Write a letter to someone you feel can help make a difference to the environment

‘I’m Falcon Scott, Captain Scott’s Grandchild. I have a special request.
100 years ago my Grandfather wrote an inspired letter to my grandmother that had a big effect on our natural world today.

 I am asking you to write your own letter to inspire someone or a group of people to get outdoors and enjoy nature.
Inspire them to do anything, from a picnic, a walk, climb a mountain or even going to the ends of the earth like my Grandfather .
I will send the best letters from the South Pole and add my name in support, as will Sir David Attenborough.

 Your letter could inspire a generation like my grandfathers did.  
If that wasn’t enough, the best letter wins a luxury family holiday at Sani Resort in Greece.
Many thanks, Falcon Scott.

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