Friday, October 19, 2012

Snippets from the Business News

The consumption of cement in Spain has dropped to where it as nearly half a century ago. The sector has lost 28% of workplaces since 2008.
However, this Editor saw TWO cement lorries (tankers) driving back down the Torrox-Cómpeta Road last week  - a blast of the past!
The long-term unemployed in Andalucía will get a subsistence allowance.

 I.U. and PSOE are negotiating a special budget for 2013. 
The objective of the help is that it will be available from January.
And another plan in Andalucía will be to rehabilitate homes to benefit 1,200 families. 

The program will generate 21 million € and create some 2,000 jobs. It will be carried out in 144 municipalities with the worse unemployment rates.

McDonalds are to create 300 jobs in Spain and invest €160 million in 60 new restaurants. 

The company says it will have the investment ready in 2014.
They say 75% in volume of their suppliers are in Spain, and Spain supplies most of the raw materials for their restaurants. The beef for the hamburgers comes from more than 30,000 farms in Spain.

House prices have gone down again and are now at the levels of 2004.

 In the third quarter of this year house prices fell by 9%. It’s a fall that’s never been seen before in the Development Ministry’s statistics.
The square meter cost has reduced by 25.5% since the highs of 2008.
Only 7% of home owners have managed to sell their homes in the last year. 

25% of homes have been on the market for two years.

Petrol prices
are close their historic high reaching €1.5 a litre. 

Filling your tank will cost you €82.3  
The price has gone up by 1.4% in a week.
Diesel has gone up by 0.17 % is now priced at €1.428. 

Filing your Diesel tank will cost €78.5, €8.8 more.
The highest petrol price was €1.522 and was reached in the last week of August.
The data come from the EU Petrol Bulletin

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