Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Resident Identity Paper

We recently decided to exchange the A4 green sheet that we were given as our Residency document a couple of year ago. 
It's not exactly to most convenient size to carry in one's wallet and we prefer the credit-card sized newer one.
First stop: Police Station in Torre del Mar (Comisario)
Get there early and get a ticket from the police officer at the door. 

There seems to be a finite number of tickets issued daily - obviously to ensure that all applicants can be seen (eventually)
We were given the final tickets numbered 73 & 74 at 10:30am
The woman at the desk will provide you with 2 forms each. 

One to take to Cajamar Bank with your €10.30 to pre-pay before you return to the Police station.
The second form is to be completed with your name, gender, date of birth, name of parents, NIE, address & phone number.
When you have paid at the bank you will need:-
the Cajamar Form showing that you  have paid €10.30
 The orginal A4 Green Form Residency
Copy of each passport (I took originals too, in case....)
 The old, expired, original Residency Card that has your photo on it.

If you return to the Station after queuing at Cajamar, you can loiter near her desk and she will see you in between serving the other ticket holders.

When we returned she checked all our documents & copies &went to the computer.
She stamped stuff, and STAPLED stuff!!!!!! (so we knew we were onto a winner!)
Then printed off a piece of paper for each of us - strangely "laminated" on one side.

We brought them home and properly laminated them into the Credit-Card sized Laminate Pockets      Phew!
By the way, the cafe across the road is  run by an Irish Chap who does great coffee, tea and pitufos tostados!

Any time one sets off to do battle with Spanish Bureacracy, it's best to provide for oneself the following items:- 

A flask of tea & a pack of sandwiches; comfortable air cushion; your Kindle or that historical trilogy you've looked forward to reading when you could find the time..... and prepare yourself mentally by watching, yet again, this short video

Have faith - you CAN beat the system! Remember to take your own stapler!

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  1. get to the police station at around 12 o'clock. there is never a problem then as most people have gone and you get seen straight away. when we first moved here we made the mistake of getting up at the crack of dawn to go to the police station so on subsequent occasions we went later. use a spanish bar if necessary like the dom pedro next to la tasca the irish one - much nicer and their cakes are delicious