Monday, October 22, 2012

Mafia Boss kept in Good Company....

The man at the centre of ‘Emperador Case’, Gao Ping, who is an art promoter, and ten others detained in the Chinese corruption case, refused to talk to the judge Sunday night,being in the chamber from 6,15pm to 6,45pm in silence.
Gao Ping made his reputation in Madrid though his art gallery and the extent of his influence in the Spanish capital is now seen with photos of him with King Juan Carlos which have appeared on the internet.
National Court Judge in the Central Number Four, Fernando Andreu, decided after the silence to send the eleven people to unconditional prison after the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor had called for unconditional prison for the men.
The judge blamed Gao Ping to be at the centre of the Chinese mafia and the 10 colleagues at the top of his organisation for money laundering controlled by Chinese networks.
It’s now emerged that 200 businessmen in Spain used the Gao Ping network to launder money hidden in fiscal paradises.
Other wealthy families gave large amounts of money to network to save tax.
Interior Minister, José Fernández Díaz, said on Wednesday some of the future arrests could cause some surprise
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