Monday, October 1, 2012

Last Words......

I think Paul is being unreasonably harsh. 
It is always easy to criticise, but a lot harder to get up and do something. 
We have been around the area for 25 years and in Cómpeta for seven of those.
The Village Know it All provides a superb service that keeps us in touch when in the Village, in the UK, or anywhere else, as now in Madeira.
Nowhere else that we've lived has anyone been so creative and set up such an initiative.
The Editor is just that - a person who oversees and collates content to bring together contributions into a whole publication.
This Editor also scours news sources that might be of interest to readers and adds local, Andalucian, and national snippets.
What more could you ask of the Editor? 

It is well done and probably a thankless task, not praised often or highly enough.
However, the task is to edit a Blog, and a blog is usually only a sum of the contributions entered.
Too often, I've found, when scouring blog sites for all sorts of information, the threads seem to get single-tracked, abusive, or just plain silly. 

Not this one, under the Editor's eye.
But if the content sometimes seems to lack gravitas or political "meat" then that is in the hands of all of us. We only need to ask the questions if we want more information and, if we hold knowledge or insight, it is up to us to share it.
Thank you again, Editor.
If you have news from the town hall, tax office, or government, Paul, please start the ball rolling and hope someone runs with it.

Editor writes:- Positively the final email on this subject but included here because it distils the essence of what I would like our Blog to be - a thoroughly Community Generated News Source.  
So many of us are bemused &/or confused because we lack the thorough knowledge of the language of the lovely land in which we've chosen to live. I'd like to think that those who are young enough; clever enough and generous enough will use the VKIA to advise and inform others.
Here endeth the final lesson.......

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