Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Confusion over death of British Woman in the Floods

There is confusion over the death of the 52 year old British woman Diana Dudas.
She was living in Vera, Almería province and vanished during the torrential rains and flooding last Thursday.
Spanish sources reported on the Friday that her body had been found, and this was picked up in the British media including the Independent and Metro and on television on Sky News and the BBC.
Diana Dudas worked in her own holistic therapy clinic and hairdressers and had lived in Spain for several years with her husband Javier.
On Friday the British Foreign Commonwealth Office said it was investigating the matter, and Spanish Minister for Employment and Social Security, Fátima Báñez, gave an indication of how bad the flooding was in Almería Province giving figures of 4,000 homes affected with 300 tourist apartments, 150 shops damaged and 1,000 cars affected by the water.
Now press reports in the Spanish continue to report that they are still looking for Diana Dudas, and Typically Spanish has written to the British Foreign Commonwealth Office for confirmation.

On Tuesday the British Foreign Commonwealth Office sent us this statement.
“We are aware of reports of a missing British national. We are in contact with the police and local authorities and have not received any reports from them of a body being found”.
Spanish media are now reported that it would be very tough for her be alive, but the state security forces are continuing to search with the Protección Civil and volunters.

ABC Sevilla newspaper yesterday said they were obliged to rectify the information which appeared in many British newspapers saying that the body of Diana Dudas body had been found on Sunday morning in a lake. ABC Sevilla says that this ‘false information’ came from the press agency Associated Press who named their source named Genny Sutcliffe who was an intimate friend of Diana.
On Tuesday Sutcliffe warned ABC newspaper that they can’t make any declarations for the express wish of Dudas family. The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent and the Daily News all reported the information from the Associated Press, although by Tuesday night none of them had rectified
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