Friday, October 19, 2012

Chinese Mafia - more news....

The National Court judge, Fernando Andreu, has ordered the imprisonment of 17 of the 20 people who were taken for questioning in the ‘Emperor Operation’ case.
Among those being sent to prison is an Israeli woman, nationalised in Spain and who, its thought, was implicated in tax evasion in the Chinese money laundering.
Over the last days of the operation the Police have found ten million € in cash. 

83 of the 110 of those given orders were in Spain.
Four people were sent to prison without bail, while the other 13 have paid between €25,000 and €50,000 € bail.
A Police Inspector who was also arrested, but has now been released and the porn actor Nacho Vidal was declaring Friday.Thursday’s declarations took more than ten hours uninterrupted.
A Chinese citizen has a nervous breakdown before she was going to declare, and Municipal medical services attend to her.
The Ministry of the Interior say there could be more detentions.
There is more information on the case">here

El País Newspaper reports on the boss of the Emperor operation. 

Gao Ping who has more than 20 companies for the massive laundering of money.
 Hit men and extortionists protect him and collect what he is owed. 
El País calls the Emperor of ‘todo a cien’.(Everything a Hundred)
El Mundo says the Chinese Mafia had an armed group to beat up the delinquents.
ABC notes the Chinese Press has been attacking the Spanish Police for their anti-Mafia raid.

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