Monday, October 8, 2012

Brits arrested in Alhaurin

Two British men have been arrested in Alhaurín de la Torre for transporting more than 640 pills of false and unauthorised Viagra.
The man has not been named but we know that the man in control was 47 and had the initials M.M.I. He was travelling with a 46 year companion, also British.
The incident was on September 25 in the Avenida Portales de Peñon, when two police were on routine traffic control and decided to stop a vehicle given the suspicious behaviour of the two occupants.  (!!)
After asking for their documents, they were searched, and the police inspected the vehicle where they found a bag on the back seat and another on floor containing the fake drugs. 

Some of drugs were in packets called, ‘Private Male Herbal Sex Pill’, and ‘Straight Up Herbal Viagra for Men’.
Once the elder man was in the police station and questioned, he said that substances were his, and that he had the intention to sell them.
The local police, when they proved that the man had on previous police incidents, they passed him on to the Guardia Civil.

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