Saturday, October 20, 2012

Background to the Chinese Mafia Arrests

The extent of the Chinese mafia operations in Spain is being uncovered, and the work of the Police and Guardia Civil has been clear.
The case came to light where some irregularities were noted in containers in Valencia Port.
Man’s best friend has played his part with eight police dogs finding €9.5 million hidden in a printer and a bidet. 

The dogs are trained to find money and have been an essential part on the ‘Emperor Case’.
The dogs are able to get past strong smells and containers with false bottoms to find the money in the most unsuspected places. 

Their potent olfactory ability is capable of distinguishing from 100,000 classes of odours.
The ‘Emperor Case’ has, so far, made 87 arrests in Spain. 

108 searches have been carried out and more than €11.6 million recovered.
However, it’s thought that the group was laundering between 200 and 300 million € every year. Methods used included prostitution, illegal gambling or drug trafficking.
Among those arrested is the Citizen Security Councillor in Fuenlebrada, Socialist José Borath. Three civil servants have also been arrested, with a Guardia Civil Police Inspector, and an employee of the Government Delegation in Zamora, and the porn star, Nacho Nadal.

The police operation took place in Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga, Murcia, Alicante, Zamora, and the Basque Country.
Spain’s anti-corruption program now believes not one but two Chinese mafia groups have been working in Spain. 

Gao Ping, the leader of the largest group, was arrested in a gallery in Madrid last Tuesday, and now investigations by the anti-corruption have linked him to another Chinese mafia group which was broken up in 2011 by a Guardia Civil operation call ‘Dragón’. 

Both the groups used the extortion services provided a man called Hai Bo.
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