Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Avocado Advice Please

Hello - Please kindly put this question into the forum thanks: 
Avocado watering needs ?
Hello all - I have a question regarding how much water is needed/best for growing avocados Here on the Andalusian Southcoast (Competa)
We have a small plot of land with about 100 mature trees and plenty of  agricultural water for them -  But am in doubt just HOW much water the trees need month by month during the year.
Right now each tree has 6 pieces of drip-jets each jet giving 4 Liter/Hourly.
Have been talking to an agrarian and he said (with our system) to water 3 hours every day in July/August - It translates then to 6 x 4 x 100 x 3 = 7200 liter each day which I find a bit excessive even for the 2 hottest month's ?

 (Sept/Oct he said - 2 hours every day )      
 I simply find it too much - But what do I know....?
I will be glad for any information regarding water-needs/quantities/month

Kind regards Erik - email:   edcprivat at gmail.com 
(no ending e in privat as we are Danish :-)
Also - copy to pueblo.gossip@gmail.com

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