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Listen to a Radio Four Broadcast relating to the USA Presidential Election

I'm an fascinated by the American Presidential Election - the effects of the result affect the world wether we like it or not......

Recently, there was a programme on the BBC Radio Four which I found extremely informative.
 It explains, in simple terms, the different philosophies of the Republican and the Democratic Parties - especially when it comes to Health Care. 
Rather amazing to a Brit!.....

The Public Philosopher, Series 2 Episode 2 of 2
Duration: 44 minutes
First broadcast:Tuesday 30 October 2012
The eminent American political philosopher Michael Sandel is Radio 4's "Public Philosopher." Now, as America prepares for its Presidential elections, he is going on the road in America with a unique mission to challenge ordinary voters and lay bare the deeper moral questions bound up in the noisy Romney and Obama campaigns.
In this week's programme, Professor Sandel is at Harvard, his home university in the intellectual heartland of New England. Much of the debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama has been about welfare policy, social security and healthcare. Underlying this, Professor Sandel believes, is a moral and philosophical disagreement about the nature of the American dream itself.

Horse Blanket for Sale

Lightweight, waterproof, turnout horse rug size 5ft
never been used, wrong size ordered from Robinsons in UK.
Price €50.
call Gerry 952517497/636387921

Choice of Currency in Stores : another opinion

I would like to comment on the item in today’s issue about Mercadona supermarket .
I have used the facility many times and it will quote a rate set by the bank not the store, the receipt clearly indicates that the service and exchange rate is provided by La Caixa.  

Furthermore the statement that you will get another charge for the transaction is simply not true. The amount you are quoted in GBP includes all charges and fees and that is exactly what appears on the visa statement..
It will provide you with a quote and then give you the option to proceed in GBP or Euros. 

From my use of the system I believe they do not update rates in real time and therefore you can get a better deal if Sterling is sliding against the Euro.
 Initially I was sceptical about this facility but I have made Euro transactions in other stores within one hour and used these for comparison.
(Editor . examples of transactions were included in the email but not included here for reasons of space)
 All the items quoted are inclusive of charges so that the comparison is fair.

 For once I consider that Mercadona is offering a fair deal providing of course you first identify how the currency rates are moving. Although the variances are small every little helps.
Hope that my comments help and if in doubt try it out.
Kind Regards, Kenneth

40 story holtel for Málaga ?

The Mayor of Málaga wants to build a 40 storey hotel in the port.
The Partido Popular included the plan in their election manifesto in the last municipal elections held in May 2011.
On Monday the Mayor of Málaga, Francisco de la Torre, took advantage of his first meeting with the new president of the port authority, José Sánchez Maldonado, to put the plan for a 40 story 170m high hotel to be located on the new levante dock in the port.

José Sánchez Maldonado was previously Professor of Public Finance in Málaga University.

The project is inspired in part by a building in Barcelona and the municipal workers already have a design which the Mayor described as ‘distinguished’.

There may be some problems ahead as the new President of the Port, José Sánchez Maldonaldo, is in opposition to the Partido Popular.

A Good Man ! Sevilla Taxi Driver

A taxi driver in Sevilla, Rafael Segura, is offering free transport to the doctor for children with cancer and families with no resources.
Rafael has been a taxi driver since 1985, and 18 months age he converted his car into the most original in Sevilla.
Mickey, Minnie, Hello Kitty, the Princess from Disney, butterflies, and puppies all travel with him and his clients every day.
Rafael Segura and his taxi show apparent magic and happiness.
‘We’ve got give our grain of sand’, he said
News from

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wood Burner Wanted please

 Is anyone selling a secondhand wood burner?  
Please contact Zoe at zoebickmore (at) hotmai dot com

IKEA & Viveros Trip in November

The Phoenix Club has a trip to IKEA and Viveros Guzman on the 30th November leaving Algarrobo at 09.30 and returning at 5pm

We will have a couple of hours at IKEA then off to Viveros Guzman.   

This garden centre is very similar to those in the UK such as Nottcutts.  
They have a very English style cafe where you can have lunch or just a snack, whatever you prefer.  
The centre also has accessories for the home (including some fantastic ceramics) and will have a full range of Christmas decorations for you to browse as well as an extensive range of plants.
Fancy coming along?  The price is €14pp excludes lunch.

To book call Gail on 951067723 or email

The Phoenix Club is a registered charity raising funds for AVISA the Interpreters Association at the Comarcal Hospital and Help4Heroes, a UK based charity who raise funds for injured serving service personnel.
We meet every Tuesday in the restaurant above Supersol in Torre del Mar between 12 and 2pm.  

Why not pop in and have a slice of homemade cake with us.

CEPSA Gas Bottle for Sale

Gas bottle for sale
CEPSA ,15 eur. Complete with unused topregulater and tube, 

brandtoft @

Calendar of Local Craft Courses

 As promised here are the dates for courses in November/December
Fri 9th Felt
Sun 11th Colour onto Cloth
Thur 15th Bent Wire Jewellery
Sat 17th Felt
Thur 22nd Mosaic
Sat 24th Christmas Decorations
Fri 30th Papier Mache

Sun 2nd Mosaic
Thur 6th Bent Wire Jewellery
Sat 8th Felt
Fri 14th Colour onto Cloth
Sun 16th Papier Mache
Sat 22nd Paper and Fabric Jewellery

 If you are interested in any of the above courses please let me know.
 Sandy       adesoldenh @

Dunsford Dinners Reviews

The latest reviews from Dunford's Dinners can be seen on the following link:
 Read recent reviews of visits to Cortijo Paco to try their new Sunday lunch menu and a second visit to La Noria in Nerja.
 Don't forget we'd love to hear your comments an experiences of the restaurants we have reviewed and we'd love to receive your own reviews and recommendations.
 The Dunford's Dinners Team.

"Mercadona asked me if I wanted to pay in Pounds or Euros....!"

If a store offers you a choice of paying in Euros or in  Sterling - choose Euros.
The store sets its own exchange rate and you will get another charge for the transaction on your credit card.  
(The Money Programme BBC Radio Four)

Death of a man who was 23 years in a coma.

The case is a famous one and has seen legal battles between his family and the courts.  Antonio Meño has died after 23 years in a coma because of medical negligence during a rhinoplasty operation in La Clinica Nuestra Señora de America.
The hospital was acquitted after the case was taken to court by the parents who went on to use up all the penal and civil possibilities of demanding compensation. 

They also placed a denuncia against the clinic but then the Supreme Court ordered the family to pay €400,000 in costs which would mean the embargo of their home, although finally their lawyer managed to paralyse the notification in the Supreme Court through a motion of dismissal.
When he went into the coma Antonio was 21. 

Someone from his family remained at his hospital bedside for much of the time.
Antonio’s mother started a campaign and camped outside the Ministry for Justice for 522 days.
A long judicial battle in the Supreme Court finally concluded that they were in the right.
In the first sentence in 1993, the judiciary ordered the insurance company to compensate Antonio Meño with 172 million pesetas, about €100 million.
Ten decades of judicial battles have continued over the years.
Antonio’s mother, Juana Ortega has said ‘We fought to the end, but don’t forget or pardon’.
She never pardoned the doctor who left her son in a coma, and who then lied to the judge to get himself away from the centre of the case.
Antonio Meño was buried Monday.

Woman Kills Handbag Thief

A Madrid woman aged about 30, has killed a man who had robbed her handbag by running him down on his moped with her car. 
There was a collision and both the car and the moped left the road in the Madrid district of Montecarmelo.
First indications are that minutes before the accident the victim, presumably with another youngster, had robbed the woman’s bag from the car’s steering wheel.
She then drove behind the moped to try and recover the items, and had ended up running over the youngster by accident and killing him. 

This is the first hypothesis from the Police although they have not ruled out other options.
There were two thieves together and reports say she was taken over by her nerves and anger, and started the car and followed the thieves on their moped. 

They then suffered a fall from the moped and the woman said she could not stop in time.
One of the helmets ended up under her Seat Ibiza car, while the other thief has suffered trauma of a very serious nature.
Samur-Protection Civil health workers could only confirm the death of the 25 year youngster whose body had become trapped under the car.
The body was released by Madrid City Firemen, who had used inflatable cushions to lift the car.
Police say they believe the version of the woman and that the death was involuntary and she could not stop in time.

She has been attended to by psychologists from SAMUR because of an anxiety crisis.
News from

Monday, October 29, 2012

Help Needed please

 Is there anyone out there willing to give, of their time, to help a mature lady come to terms with the internet?
I can do emails, but have spent 2 weeks trying to send attachments to emails! 
Also 3 weeks trying to order  a swimsuit on line. 
I need only to be shown once once.
"Help the Aged comes in many forms" -  but To Offer Free Time is Noble.

Jandilyons  @

(Editor - Please let us know when you are a virtuoso ..... you can help me! )

We Live Amongst Good People...Puppy Saved....

Just to put everyone's mind at rest.......
The puppy from Cómpeta car park now has a new home. 
She was such a sad picture in the torrential rain on Saturday that a kind person rescued her and took her home. 
She is now playing happily with the other dogs in the family.   

Editor:  Thanks to Pat for this Great News!

Local Long Distance Hiking Path in the Interent

Hiking track from Periana to Nerja thru Cómpeta & Frigi etc.

Digi Box for Sale

Pace digibox with Free-to-Air card 
In perfect working order........
€50 or v.n.o.
Steve on 626926227

Suburu for Sale

 SALE :  Subaru Forester 2.0X.   
Petrol, manual.   
Spanish Car 2005  
Ours since new.  95,000 kms.  
Full service history,  including timing chain at last service.  
ITV to May 2013.   
Good Michelin tyres.  
Cruise  control, Air con, 6 cd player, heated front seats, electric sun roof, etc etc. 
Some very minor body work damage (parking!)  hence really good price of €3,500.
Tel 618 225 744

Missing Dog:Please help !

Exactly 3 months after the mystic disappearance of our lovely boy dog ''Barney'', we lost  another dog in the area of Torrox campo. 
She is a lovely female Podenco mix with the name ''Tonic''.
She is full of life, friendly and shy with people, but she loves other dogs. 

Tonic is light brown coloured with a white chest, white mark in the face and white ''socks''.
 She is about 45 cm (18") tall and does not wear a collar.
Please if you see Tonic or Barney contact us asap, does not matter which time. 

Our phone number is: 654 072 094

Answer to the "Poton" question

 Potón, sometimes called pota, is a fish of the squid family and it comes from the Pacific. 

It can be used and cooked exactly the same as squid. 
We use a lot in place of squid in fishy dishes, paellas etc.
 Hope this helps.  John D.

(Editor: Sure does Thanks !)

Trapiche Social Club

Forthcoming Events at Trapiche Social Club.
Join us on Wednesdays at El Trapiche Restaurant 12.00 to 14.00.

11 Remembrance Service followed by lunch at El Trapiche Restaurant 
23 Quiz night at El Trapiche Restaurant
 5  Monthly lunch at El Trapiche Restaurant
7 Christmas trip to Gibraltar. Only a few seats remain unfilled
14  Christmas Dinner Dance at El Trapiche Restaurant
19  Mince pies and coffee for Members
21  Evening trip to Malaga for the illuminations  Nearly full

Further details and bookings on 
Wednesdays at El Trapiche Restaurant between 12.00 and 14.00 
or on  680 764 130

Street Pilot for Sale

Garmin StreetPilot C320 GPS unit complete with windscreen mount, mains battery charger, USB cable and carrying case  
€70 or v.n.o.      
Steve on 626926227

Spoof email aimed at Google Email Account Holders

Below is an email received by the Editor. Report such emails immediately as "spam"

From: <>
 Subject: G'mail' Team

Dear Customer
With the increase in accounts daily, you are advised to update/verify that your account is still active. This will only takes a minute.Update Account Here Please verify your account before 2nd November 23:27 PDT. Failure to do so will result in account suspension. Sorry for this inconvenience, we are trying to reduce the number of dormant accounts to serve you better.
Google Team

Work Creation option refuted

It’s been going on for forty years with the same demand from the campo workers in Andalucía that the unemployed can benefit from working in the countryside.
Now with the employment situation so serious the left wingers, I.U, have proposed the creation of ‘Bank of Land’ created by the executive in Madrid and the Andalucian parliament in Sevilla.

I.U. deputy José Luis Centella claims his plan will avoid rural abandon. 
He says large extensions of land are property of the State, much of it used for military use, and that this could be made use of for agriculture. 
He suggests that agricultural cooperatives be formed, and they would be an instrument to reduce unemployment in rural areas.
However the Junta de Andalucía is holding firm in its long-term opinion. 

It says they prefer ‘fincas’ for conservation rather than for the creation of employment.
News from

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Four Year Old needs a new home... Brmm Brmmm

I'm 4 years old, but my master won't even look at me now.
For the past 3 and a half years he has just abandoned meto live on the streets.
All I need is a little love and attention to get back to my former self.
I'm a Honda lei scooter 150cc,  with just 1,000km on the clock.

I heard him say my rear brake needs looking at as well.
Is there anyone out there that would like to take me home ? 

Any offer over €250 will set me free from this tyrant.   
Please come and see me in Calle Trinidad in Cómpeta and let's run off together.  
Or phone 633221771. 

Amazing Laws regarding dogs !


I read a comment today about a dog run over in the Pueblo and as horrible as it was for the poor dog and the people who witnessed it,  if that dog was not loose would it have happened???

l know that does not sound very sympathetic don’t get angry yet , read on……
 Some of you know me from Dog training and also you might remember over a year ago l  was stopped while walking my dogs off the lead in the campo by our friendly Campo ranger Paco!! who told me is illegal here to walk your dogs off the lead ANYWHERE

l was aware the Law applied to Public areas but in the campo where l was, with no people, houses or busy roads  l was surprised to be told this and got a warning.
I contacted Seprona who confirmed this Law and also said that, if your own land was not fenced and gated, it was illegal to have your dog free on it ! 

Something else l did not know. 
I enjoy walking my dogs and seeing them run and play and it is important in your dogs life for them to be able to do this and at the time l felt very angry about it, but sometimes letting your dogs run free has consequences, wherever they are. Cars, poison, processional caterpillars and even wild boar are a danger to your dogs and if they are on leads they can be kept safe from this. 
That makes sense does it not??
So, if l am going to stick my neck out with a difficult subject which it is, if you let your dogs  run free and they cause a problem to people or other animals or behave in a threatening aggressive manner even if they do not bite, you can be reported, cautioned or given a sanction or denounced, ESPECIALLY if the dog is a certain size, breed/X breed. 

Your dog does not have to be on the Dangerous Dogs list for that.
If it is a mixed breed with certain head and jaw size this still applies and -by law - they should be registered at the Town hall ! 
Not everyone knows that!  DID YOU??
Your Vet can help you if you need advice.
On the other hand,  if you have a problem with a dog that is loose and is causing you or your animals problems, you can report this and action will be taken. 

Seprona are there for you! Talk to them and they will advise you and act on your behalf. 
They are not just there to deal with abused animals. They are there to enforce a Law if it is being broken and for the protection of animals and people. 
Whether you are Spanish or a Foreigner it still applies to you.

So l am done!! There are two sides to this whether you agree or not, but if walking my dogs on a lead keeps them safe,  then it makes sense to me. 


Tina Ford
Happy Home Rentals
Sales Manager/ Encargada de Ventas
 0034 635864866
Airport  collection service   Pick up to and from the airport, 4x4.
Website design, from 100 euro's, need a website for your business? ask for more information.

Cómpeta Wandering Dogs - the answers!

The dalmation cross was sighted yesterday sheltering from the rain outside Fernans, still with her collar in tact, so she, at least, is safe for the present.  Ben                                        ______________________________

The podenco puppy has still not been sighted in its usual place but we have had a report of a possible sighting in a Competa garden and will be investigating.
The other dog mentioned is called "Lista". She is neutered and chipped and has an owner who is unable to keep her on the property where she lives, as she just keeps escaping. 

The owners have said they would allow her to be rehomed to "the right person", but one recent attempt failed, due to the fact that she escaped not once but twice from her new owners. 
It seems there's just no keeping her in!
Hope this info clarifies things,

Carpet Fitting on Tiles

Has anyone laid a fitted carpet on ceramic floor tiles? If so, can you offer any advice? Also, is there an experienced carpet fitter who could give us a hand to lay our one?

Please contact 

Ta ever so!
Copy to please

What's poton ?

Will somebody tell me what that white, blubbber-like stuff is that is sold on the supermarket fish counters? 
I think it is called 'poton'.
 How do you cook it?
 Is it worth it? I am puzzled, and so is Google.  - copy to

Fascinating Weather Forecasting Website

Lots of options on this site :-
Don't miss one of the option for  a live webcam for Viñuela (!)  at menu on the left hand side

Juan Carlos speaks....

King Juan Carlos, who saw two paternity allegations thrown out of the court on October 23, has now got away from it and gone to New Delhi.
He’s been meeting with the Indian President, Pranab Mujerjee, and the King said that he made a great effort to visit India, country with 1.28 billion inhabitants, and with an economic growth the envy of many.
Pranab Mujerjee said India was interested in Spain doing well and hoped Europe does the same as a whole.
The monarch has made an interesting comment while there.
‘From outside, Spain looks better. From inside you want to cry. But we have to move ahead, with knife in the mouth and a smile’. (Ed. I, for one, am at a loss to know how one dows both at the same time.....................)
Speaking in his usual casual style from India to the Spanish people, the Monarch said we will survive ‘las penas’ but continue to fight the crisis.

2013 sees tightening up on Taxes

The Director General of the Agencia Tributaria, Beatriz Viana, announced today that there is a new plan to control tax which will come into force in 2013.
She said there will be harsher penalties for people who haven’t paid. 

They want the speed with which they collect the debts of fraudsters to be streamlined.
The new measures will take particular attention against the submerged economy, as well as more complicated frauds.
Viana was taking today at the closure of the Congress of State Hacienda Inspectors (IHE) and she said that there will be more persecution for international fraud, and they will try to improve the safeguards for the collection of tax debts.
She also said that the inspectors will be ‘quicker and more concrete’ working especially on the contributors with the highest fiscal risk.
The boss of the Crime Unit, Caridad Gómez-Mourelo, thinks that those who fail to meet deadlines for payment are not penalised sufficiently, and she says when the deadline comes they will now have their day with the treasury.
The Agencia Tributaria receives 1,000 complaints a year in cases which become a penal fraud. 

For that reason Caridad considers that there should be ‘more dissuasive’ fines.
News from

Friday, October 26, 2012

Loymer Tours

Reptile Home for Sale


Less than a year old, a tank and all accessories for sale, including heat pad, lighting, scull cave, half a  bag of wood chippings and water tank.  

Would make a great Christmas gift, all for 70€.

Please contact Joe on 633418163

Anyone for Tennis ?

We are looking for anyone who would like a game of tennis (doubles), in Competa, particularly over the coming week (27th October onwards). 
If so please contact Peter on 951067727.

Sugar & Spice goes Festive!

Oh by gosh by golly…
I know, I know, I’m not allowed to mention the C word until we’re well and truly out of October but there are only 61 days to go.
We will be holding our usual “Beat the rush” gift ware sale throughout November, starting on the 2nd.  

Already we have some really beautiful things to share with you, and there is another 3 cubic meters of goodies currently winging its way towards us. 
So just because you called in yesterday, it’s not a reason not to pop back in tomorrow to see what’s new.  
We’ve got a great selection of stocking fillers with prices starting at just 1 euro as well as gifts for chefs, gardeners, golfers, handy men, not so handy men and oodles of gorgeous girlie bits.

Why are we starting the sale on the 2nd? Because on Thursday the 1st we will be kicking it off in style with a sale preview evening. 
There will be some extra special offers not only on gift ware but also in our recently expanded boutique. 
We will be providing drinks, nibbles and all the usual frivolities. So if you like a bargain and you like to have first choice, or even just like a bit of a party, please come along and join us. 
The evening will start at 5 and if previous events are anything to go by will end when we shovel the last person into a taxi.
The festive season (see, still no C word) food order form will be ready to download from our website or collect from the shop from the first week of November. 

As always,  we would suggest that you order early to avoid disappointment and to ensure you get the best price. We have a delicious range of mouth-watering goodies heading our way so make sure that you don’t miss out. 

We look forward to seeing you soon
Debbie & Andy
Sugar & Spice
Calle Cazadores 12
Tel: (+34) 952 516 117

Dining Set for Sale

For Sale: Catalán Style Dining Table (140cm x 84cm) & Six Chairs in very good condition.
Can deliver locally.
Telephone: 699 617 754

Missing Cómpeta Strays.....

I saw your item on Know it All re the puppy in the car park.   
Has a permanent home now been found for the little puppy? (as you say a rescue had been planned)
Regards. Alan.

Editor responds : No - the previous person made the post because he was anxious for its whereabouts . Just wish someone could tell us! 

Also - tell us about the  Dalmatian cross that took breakfast with us every Saturday at Fernan's.      
 Info please :-

Items for Sale

C D player/radio multi-color illuminated display  20€


Halloween costumes
age 7-8 dress, hat ,wings and bag  3€ (orange)
age 8-9 dress, hat, and bag  3€ (pink)


6ft artificial Christmas tree  8€  (green)


Chest of drawers  H106cm  W41cm  D35cm
 three wicker basket/drawer in a black frame  20€


call margaret 952 553 729

Ham it up in November!

EVERYTHING is ready for the 5th Iberian Ham trade show, to be held on November 11. 
During last year’s edition, the inland town of Campillos (near Antequera) was crowded with more than 10,000 visitors, according to the organizers. 
Of course, ham and other pork delights such as sausage will be served, jointly enjoyed with cheese and wines.  
This and the following news items from  Euro News Online

Colmenar Finances

THE mystery surround €2 million in grants given to Colmenar Town Hall for works which were never carried out is being probed by Malaga Public Prosecutor.
Five projects planned when the former socialist government team was in office received grants from the Junta de Andalucia and Malaga Provincial Government.
The current conservative Partido Popular mayor, Antonio Fernandez, told the prosecutor’s office of the irregularities two months ago after receiving letters from the regional government demanding that the money be returned as the work had not been carried out.

Málaga Metro on Course

THE Junta de Andalucia has announced that Málaga Metro will be a priority on the 2013 budget.
The President, Jose Antonio Griñan, said that finishing the metro system in the city is the main project in the province. 

Work has been at a standstill for several months and there was uncertainty about how the project would be financed, but the Junta is confident that it is creating work for locals and will be completed ready for use by the end of 2013.
Meanwhile, the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, has said that plans to run part of the metro above ground in the city centre would not be good for Málaga. 

He also aid that if there is not enough money to take the metro underground, then it would be better to wait until the funds are available. 
The stretch which the Ministry of Public Works has suggested should be built above ground is between the Guadalmedina River (near El Corte Ingles) and La Malagueta (near the bullring) and would run along the Alameda and Paseo del Parque.
There are also plans to take the train as far as El Palo by 2016. 

The Ministry has promised that the metro will be open as far as the Maria Zambrano train station by the end of next year, and that the stretch to Guadalmedina would be open by the end of 2014.
De la Torre has said that he will have to study the proposal for running the metro above ground in depth, but that he doesn’t think it would be a positive step for Málaga.

No Toll Roads around Madrid ?

When Esperanza Aguirre was Mayor of Madrid she suggested that tolls be added on the motorways around the capital, to compensate for the elevated maintenance costs.
She described the project to take a toll on the M-45 and the M-501 was ‘a simple imitative’.
Now Aguirre has moved on, The Government of Madrid said it is ‘parking’ the plan because of the difficulties of collecting tolls on the regional roads which Aguirre had announced.
Today the spokesman for Madrid Executive, Salvador Victoria, gave a press conference where among other items he said that 12.8 million € had been invested in the regions roads over the summer.

Spain Record Unemployment

There’s a new record in unemployment in Spain according to the data of the EPA, the poll of the active population, made public today by the National Statistics Institute.
5,778,100 million people are now out of work.

 It the highest seen the current unemployment counting system which came into force in 2001.
The number of new unemployed in the third quarter was up 85,000 to reach 25.02% of the working population.
1,737,900 families have all their members unemployed, an all-time high.
The drop in employment has affected women more than men. 68,700 women have lost their jobs compared 28,200 men.
Among foreigners unemployment fell by 51,000 compared to the previous quarter, to take the number of foreign unemployed to 1,182,400 of 34.84 %.
In sectors, unemployment fell in construction by 35,900 people, the services sector with 28,100 fewer unemployed and industry with 11,100 more jobs.
Employment increased in Agriculture by 17,500 people, and the number looking for their first job is standing at 59,100.
News from

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Podenco Puppy missing from Cómpeta

Does anyone know what happened to the podenco type puppy that had taken up residence
in the car park/building site next to the Teteria in Competa? 

She had been there for the last few weeks, but disappeared between Friday pm and Saturday am last week. 
A "rescue" had been arranged for Monday morning, but there have not been any sightings of her.
Answers to

Geoff Murrell

This Saturday, Oct 27th, versatile singer Geoff Murrell is back at Meson Morisco in Sayalonga. 
The restaurant is now run by a Spanish family and the food is excellent, and very reasonably priced. 
They do a local speciality of chicken fillets in a local wine sauce, with chips, which is fab and only 7€ for a big portion. 
So if you fancy trying somewhere new, in a different village, why not come down to Sayalonga on Saturday? 
To book a table, call them on 722132573, or you are, of course, very welcome to just come along and enjoy drinks and the music.

Items for Sale

Eight in number fancy storage boxes for sale.
€5 the lot. Approx 14" x 11" x 6". All empty.

Shelf unit/bookcase. Two units bolted together, can be separated. One side has built in PC station that can be removed easily. €50 as is or will split

Clip-on caravan overtaking mirrors.€5 for the pair.

Ikea desk, 2 legs one side, solid the other side.
A bit scratched on top. €5 take it away

Extending fishing rod and reel, unused.
€5, treat the kids. Save your own.

Navman GPS for your next UK fly/drive.
€30 and navigate

Bike rack, holds three full size bikes.
 Bolts to car towbar, towball still usable.
€30, suits your 4 x 4 sir.

Locking wheel nuts, fits Jeep and others.
A steal at €5, unlike you lost wheels.

Vinuela area. 634 338 952

Wedding Celebration

John and I would like to thank all the friends who joined in our Wedding celebration last Sunday night at Oscars restaurante. All your presents and cards were beautiful and much appreciated by both of us as  were your greetings and well wishes.
We say a special Thank You to Andrea and Rob for providing the music most of the evening and for Martin, Patrick and Graham for joining in the fun.
Thanks also to Gary for providing a first class spread, to Oscar for his kind interest and to everyone else who helped make it so special for us. Jake and Katy were stars so 

Thank you both
 Jesamy and John Bowyer xxxx

Zimmer Frame & Computer Screen

I have a practically brand new zimmer type walking frame, with a collapsible seat for sale.  
10 euros.  Competa.
 Also a computer screen, old box style but in perfectly good working order, free to a good home.
lakinka       lakinka @

Economic tidbits

La Vanguardía tells us this morning that the average public sector wage is 31% higher than in the private sector. 
Also workers on a temporary contract see wages 32% lower.

ABC has a full front page photo of a Ford worker in Belgium who has been told the factory is being closed. The paper says Ford is leaving Belgium attracted by the competitiveness in Spain. 

They will transfer the production of three new models to the Almusafes factory in Valencia.

Free English conversation classes

British residents in Torrevieja are to give free conversation classes to students in English.
The group has decided a step more towards their social integration and culture, and the offer the classes voluntarily and gratis. 

The classes will be held in collaboration
with the ‘Centro de Información Juvenil (CIAJ) in Torrevieja, and will be for all those who want to perfect their English.
The initiative comes after other help in the town from the British. Campaigns for the collection of foodstuffs for the most needy, the holding of cultural acts to raise funds, and their political presence in many municipalities in the Vega Baja.

Age of Consent must be raised

The Age of Sexual Consent is Spain is 13, one of the lowest in the world.
It’s not even a crime to maintain relations if a youngster gives his or her consent and is younger than 13. (!!)
The United Nations has suggested Spain lift the age to 15 and the Non-Governmental Organisations are asking the Government to take advantage of the reform of the new Penal Code.
The recent events in the Albacete village El Salobral, where a 41 year man was seeing a 13 year old girl and it ended with his shooting her dead. Another person was also shot in the tragedy and this has brought back to light the age of sexual consent.
When Mariano Rajoy came into Government a year ago, Save the Children sent him a list of ten priorities for the infant agenda and among them the age of sexual consent.
A 13 year old a girl can be biological mature, but emotionally she’s not.
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Alberdini Events

There will be an Open Acoustic Music Session at the Alberdini in Cómpeta this coming Thursday 25 and the last Thursday in every month throughout the winter.
Starting around 9 til late, everybody welcome. 

Bring an instrument or come and sing or just come for the craic!
For more info: mitchbanjo(at)

DJ Tom will be performing this Saturday at Hotel Alberdini for their Halloween Fancy Dress Party.  

Music from the 60s to today, with some Halloween inspired tunes as well.
 To reserve a table, contact the Alberdini 952 51 62 94.  

Or if you do not wish to eat, come up and disco after 10PM.

Got a Canon FILM Camera?

has anyone in the area got a canon FILM camera that they still use ?
I have been given a Vivitar 28 70  canon fd fit lens that I have no use for ...( I´m a Nikon  man ) ... If you can use it.. it´s FREE...or it goes to Nina´s charity shop
email contact .... callegloria5 at yahoo dot com . 

or 660 86 86 20 .... 

Thanks to Action for Animals

As we regularly walk past Dee's 'dog shelter' on early our morning dog walk to the river, we would like to give a huge vote of thanks to Action for Animals and all the volunteers who kindly gave their time and energy in the rescue operation. 
Not only because the dogs no longer have to live in such appalling circumstances, but also because we and many others can now enjoy the peace and tranquility of this beautiful area once again. 
No more do we have to run the gauntlet of packs of snarling, barking dogs.
 Hopefully no more vile smells emanating from there once all the mess has been cleared. 

This morning we encountered deer running freely, which we haven't seen for some time as they have no doubt avoided the noise of the 60 dogs. 
We also met up with walkers, joggers and cyclists who have now discovered that it's safe to use this route again without fear of attacks from dogs.
 A few dogs are still there..... let's hope that no more will 'appear' or the whole dreadful problem will begin again.

Items for Sale -

  Traditional blue/white striped large Deck chair  5 €
 BIG old pot   (alibaba)  25 €
Decorative gold head  H 30cm   5 €  (also in terracotta)

Black and Silver table lamp H 37cm   3 €


Lovely black side table with glass top ( H70cm W65cm D30cm)
and stool with cream cushion  10 €

call Margaret 952 553 729

Gardeners - water retentive products now available locally

Water Retentive Products – 50% Reduction on Irrigation and Organic Too!
Bio Humus: A substrate composed of 90% organic material and 10% natural silicates with a very high natural mineral content. It enhances the long-term growth of the roots and allows the plant to absorb 90% of the water given by irrigation/rain, reducing losses by evaporation and rapid absorption into hot, dry ground. 

At the same time it channels better absorption of nutrients. It is extremely beneficial in dry soils, nutrient poor soils, and in desert-like climates. It even enables growth in saline conditions.
Bio Humus is applied once only for new plantings. Dry,  it resembles dark compost and becomes gel-like when wet. 

It is sediment extracted from glacial lakes, formed over thousands of years by the decomposition of algae, plankton and reeds and has extraordinary water retentive properties. 

These same lakes are silting up because of an abundance of the material, so removing it is, in fact, beneficial to the environment and gives us gardeners a remarkable material too. 
Where dredging has taken place, native fish are returned to the new increased depth of water to restore the natural balance.
It is available in 25 litre sacks which will retail at €25, sufficient for planting 12 trees; thus approx. €2 a tree – a one-off application that will carry on functioning in the soil for up to 10 years. The saving in irrigation is generally 50%. Work it out!
This important product is currently in use on mango trees in the south of Spain.

Humate Extract: a 100% organic liquid concentrate derived from Bio Humus. It stimulates the development of beneficial fungi and root growth to such an extent that the plants become much more self-sufficient. 

It can be applied to new/existing plantings either by foliar spray or through radicular irrigation. It complements Bio-Humus.
It is available in 2 litre pots, priced at €70 but – wait for this – the dilution rate is 1:1000 applied by foliar spray or 1:10,000 in the irrigation system. It will achieve results at least as good as those of chemical fertilisers but at much less cost and no contamination of crops or soil. 

It need only be applied once a month.

Mycor Glomus: 100% organic material based on six strains of fungi. 

These fungi live on the roots of plants forming a symbiotic relationship, one that is mutually beneficial; if the plant thrives, the fungi thrive so they look after each other. They have been shown to increase root growth up to seven times, thus reducing the watering and feeding requirements significantly. 
The huge increase in root growth makes this product eminently suitable for anti-erosion plantings and ground stabilising.
It comes in a powder form to be sprinkled onto the roots before planting or it can be injected, in paste form, into the roots of existing plantings.
It is available in 2 litre pots, priced at €70; apply 40 ml. per tree.

We are the only local stockist of these important ecological products.

Call and have a chat with us if you’d like more details.

Lorraine Cavanagh, Viveros Florena, Competa, Malaga, Spain.
Winter hrs: 10 - 4.
Cerrado los domingos y los lunes. Closed Sundays and Mondays.
Tel:     00 34 689928201
Author of Mediterranean Garden Plants.

Property & IVA in Spain

Confirmed: VAT for residential properties will rise to 10% in 2013
The VAT increase announced by the government of Mariano Rajoy, which came into effect on 1 September, has led to a sharp rise in the number of people asking whether residential property will be affected by the increase, which will come into effect in September. 

The answer is both no and yes. No, because the VAT rate for new-built properties– which currently stands at 4% - has not change after VAT went up on 1 September. 
However, it must be remembered that the 4% VAT rate is a temporary measure which will expire at the end of 2012, and therefore the 4% VAT rate will increase to 10% in 2013, as has been confirmed by the Finance Minister, Cristobal Montoro.

Although the VAT for homes will be increased in 2013, it will still be classed as reduced VAT since, as was announced yesterday, the new reduced VAT rate will be 10%.
Therefore anyone who buys a home after 1 January, 2013, will have to pay a VAT rate which is 6% higher than the previous rate.

Which homes will be affected by the VAT increase?
VAT is a tax which is only paid for new-built properties. Therefore you should be aware that:

1) If you buy a pre-owned home – from a private individual or through a real estate agency – the VAT increase will not affect you, as when you buy a pre-owned home you have to pay the property transfer tax (itp). 

This ranges from between 7% to 8% depending on which region you live in, at least for the moment.
2) Most of the homes sold by the banks will not be affected either. 

The reason for this is that VAT for new-built properties is only paid when the home is sold for the first time. 
Most of the homes held by the banks have already been sold at least once -by the developer to the bank – which means that even though no-one has actually lived in the property, the tax authorities consider the home to be a pre-owned home, and therefore it is subject to property transfer tax when it is sold.

Fool with a Laser Pointer

A man with the initials J.O.F. has been denounced in Málaga for using a laser pointer to dazzle the pilots coming into land at Málaga Airport last weekend.
The Civil Guard say the man was in the inland locality of Pizarra with a green laser pointer which he pointed at the Hacho district of Álora, on the landing route to Málaga Airport.
After detecting the light in the sky, Guardia Civil from the Pizarra barracks started a search through the streets until they found the offender, after which they informed the Málaga Airport control tower.
The air traffic controllers said for the previous hour they had been surprised by the laser pointer, and that at least four pilots complained at the attempts to dazzle them.
The offender has been denounced for infringing the ’Law of Air Navigation’.

Andalucia in Junk Bonds

Moody’s has reduced Andalucía to Junk Bond status, and sunk Murcia, Castilla-La Mancha and Cataluña.
The ratings agency has reduced the classification between one or two steps down in five autonomous communities.
The agency says that Extremadura has joined Andalucía in the category of speculation referred to as Junk Bonds.
Valencia remains the region with the worst ranking.
Moody’s warn that the large deterioration of the economic environment in Spain will add pressure to the regional debt rating.

King Juan Carlos escapes Paternity Case... and everything else too....

Two Madrid judges have rejected the admissions made by a Spanish citizen, Alberto Solá, and a Belgium woman, Ingrid Sartiau, in which the applicants had made paternity demands against King Juan Carlos.
The judges did so because the Constitution gives the Monarch ‘Special Protection’.
The Monarch was first challenged over parts of his Christmas message in December 2005, but they too were rejected out of hand.
The King’s special protection comes from Article 56.3 of the Constitution which says, 

‘The person of the King is inviolable, and not subject to responsibility’.
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Art Exhibition

Contact us

Below is the email address to which you can send information, requests etc.etc. for inclusion in the Village Know it All.
Contact -
See the entire Blog on our website :-

Qualified Nurse available

 I have recently moved to Nerja, but go back to the UK frequently for work. 
I am a qualified nurse and, until very recently, was working as a Macmillan
nurse in Walsall, UK, but have had all my nursing qualifications validated
by the Spanish authorities. 

We have moved for health reasons, as my husband has a long-standing back injury which is considerably improved by the warm and dry conditions of this part of Spain. 

As well as being a qualified nurse, I also recently completed a TEFL course, and am available to teach English as a foreign language privately at a variety of levels.
 If you know of anyone who may be interested, please put them in touch. 
lou_hunwick at hotmail dot co dot uk

Fish & Chip Knitters - good news!

We have just received some marvellous news from Brian and Barbara, who have been getting the jumpers and hats for newborn babies to Africa for us.
It seems that the situation is improving to the extent that many more of the babies are surviving their first few weeks, and the need is changing as a result.
 You can see more in depth information on the Greenfields website here:, but in a nutshell, they are now asking for knitted and crocheted squares to make baby blankets and cotton vests, and jumpers and cardigans for older babies and children,. There are other items they also need, but at the moment, they are really in need of blanket squares. 

This is great news for any would-be knitters who were not confident enough to make a jumper, and also for those who prefer to crochet!
 Of course, there are still newborn babies to clothe, so any fish and chip outfits you already have started will be gratefully received. 

If you are able to knit or crochet 6" squares in any colours you like, we'd be delighted. They can all be dropped off at the usual collection points.
 I am in the process of producing a pattern for a simple jumper that is suitable for older babies and children (just scaling up the F&C jumper doesn't work very well because the neck goes baggy) and I shall post it on our Face Book group, ( ) as soon as it is finished. If you prefer to email me for a copy, I will happily send it to you. wendy dot redwood at gmail dot com
Once again, thank you so much to everyone who has been part of the fantastic success of the appeal thus far. 

We hope you will feel motivated to continue with us as we seek to support the babies we have helped into a happy and healthy childhood.
 With very best wishes

Cómpeta Intercultural Forum

The next meeting of the Cómpeta intercultural forum will be this Thursday , 25 October at 11 am  ( a bit later than usual) in the Centro de Ocio, next to the health centre.  
We´d like to start organising the Christmas event: international carols and cakes / mince pies.  Apologies for the late notice. Look forward to seeing you.

Ryan Air

Before booking your next flight - watch this and smile :-

Important for USA readers

Dear editor,
Perhaps of interest to your U.S. readers.
Thank you again for your support this election cycle 2012!
Best regards,
Marina Mecl
Youth Vote Overseas Outreach Program Director
Overseas Vote Foundation
Tel: (0)049 (0)89 2710520

You want your ballot to arrive securely and on time. Express Your Vote makes it possible.
 Overseas Vote Foundation offers Express Your Vote - an innovative initiative supported by FedEx® Express - providing you access to special OVF rates for FedEx® service, speed, and reliability when shipping your ballot back to your election office for the 2012 U.S. General Election.
 OVF provides the tools, FedEx® delivers, and you vote!

Ex Pat Voting - a Report

My name is Anita, and I publish the VAR VILLAGE VOICE which circulates to hundreds of Expats in this region of France. I’ve been here for over 20 years.
I’ve just come back from attending the Conservatives Abroad one day Conference held 11 October, on the heels of the Conservative Annual Conference held in Birmingham, and I have to say, just from one day’s participation, I came out of it totally, thoroughly heartened, and enthusiastic for the future.
I am quite sure that thousands of expats all over, like me, up until now felt that no one was listening, no one cared, and that little was being done – we were being betrayed.
However as I began to understand the elaborate and intricate labyrinth that is Government - I realised this is just not true. In fact there is a devoted team, composed of professionals, politicians, and volunteers beavering away on our behalf.
Whether they will succeed, we just don’t know. Nothing is certain. We still all have to put our shoulders to the wheel, we have to lobby, plead, and support our case for the right to vote, as British Citizens, wherever we live.
We should all now be lobbying all the members of the House of Lords – debate starts Monday 29 October - who may vote on the amendment to repeal the 15 year rule, and also for the streamlining of the voting system, to make it easier for expats to vote.
Previously what had gone on, in the debates on the Electoral Reform Bill, was that Geoffrey Clinton-Brown, appeared to back track by withdrawing an amendment that asked for life time voting rights for British Citizens, repealing the 15 year rule, that we all find so regressive.
This, in army tactical terms, was a totally strategic move, in that such an amendment in Primary Legislation could have been defeated. Now the forces on our side are regrouping to push this amendment through via Secondary Legislation, where it will be far harder to defeat – we hope!
This amendment will be raised by Lord Lexden in the House of Lords, not 23 October as previously tabled but 29 October, and then will be debated in the Lords 

The remainder of the comprehensive, interesting report can be seen here :-

Fiesta for Wheelchair Users

Sunday saw some 500 people attend the romería which celebrates in the wheelchair in the Sevilla town of Lepe.
The fiesta is held every autumn and many people follow the pilgrims in the wheelchairs who cover a 4 kilometre route which separates the municipality from Hermitage of the Beautiful’.
The journey takes 3 hours. 

The route was protected by the police along its length for security and traffic control.
In addition of the day being a fiesta and religious, it’s also demonstrates the agricultural barriers which wheelchair users suffer.
The Bishop of the Diocese of Huelva was present in the romeria.

Mafia Boss kept in Good Company....

The man at the centre of ‘Emperador Case’, Gao Ping, who is an art promoter, and ten others detained in the Chinese corruption case, refused to talk to the judge Sunday night,being in the chamber from 6,15pm to 6,45pm in silence.
Gao Ping made his reputation in Madrid though his art gallery and the extent of his influence in the Spanish capital is now seen with photos of him with King Juan Carlos which have appeared on the internet.
National Court Judge in the Central Number Four, Fernando Andreu, decided after the silence to send the eleven people to unconditional prison after the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor had called for unconditional prison for the men.
The judge blamed Gao Ping to be at the centre of the Chinese mafia and the 10 colleagues at the top of his organisation for money laundering controlled by Chinese networks.
It’s now emerged that 200 businessmen in Spain used the Gao Ping network to launder money hidden in fiscal paradises.
Other wealthy families gave large amounts of money to network to save tax.
Interior Minister, José Fernández Díaz, said on Wednesday some of the future arrests could cause some surprise
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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Calling Businesses to the Panto !

If you are a business selling to English speaking clients then you need to advertise in our Panto programme.  
An A5 page is €20, half A5 is €10 and quarter A5 is €5. 
These are all black and white.  
Colours are withheld purely for our sponsors.
Also, we are looking for businesses and private individuals to donate a nice raffle prize please.  If you don't have anything to hand then how about a donation with which we can purchase Amazon vouchers (or you can do that yourself).
As you are aware our Panto is Aladdin this year, the adult version again but milder than the last two!
The dates are November 29th and 30th and December 1st.  

Tickets are €11 and are on sale now at Todo Papel plus Sugar and Spice. 
 It is a terrific cause again this year, just in time for Christmas.  
Caritas will receive the majority of our funds plus any small local needs that are put forward to us at CAMPO.
I look forward to your help, as always.  

Please email me at mavemoore @ or

BBC News for the Oldies amongst up.....

Letter From America
This November the BBC will be launching an online collection of 920 episodes of Alistair Cooke's Letter from America.
The Broadcasting House team would love to hear from listeners who recorded Letter from America during the 1940s, '50s and '60s.
Find out more on the Radio Blog

Log Burner now Reduced!

Free standing log burner in very good condition, barely used
 Glass door, useful drawer to easily remove ash deposits, vent to vary hot air output
Dimensions are: 62cm (wide) x 46cm (deep) x 70cm (tall).
 600€ new, will accept 300€ o.n.o (Location Cómpeta - must collect)

Please call Jo - 661023753, or email

National Apple Day!

 Sunday 21st October is  National Apple Day in the UK - you can celebrate  here in Spain too.....

Arrests in Torremolinos for Murder

A mother and her son have been arrested in connection with a shooting in which a man died in the street in Torremolinos on June 28 this year.
Police have carried out several searches and a third person, who had supposedly been hiding the mother son, has been arrested.A National Police statement today said all three are accused of a crime of homicide.

The have not been named in police statements so far.

Background to the Chinese Mafia Arrests

The extent of the Chinese mafia operations in Spain is being uncovered, and the work of the Police and Guardia Civil has been clear.
The case came to light where some irregularities were noted in containers in Valencia Port.
Man’s best friend has played his part with eight police dogs finding €9.5 million hidden in a printer and a bidet. 

The dogs are trained to find money and have been an essential part on the ‘Emperor Case’.
The dogs are able to get past strong smells and containers with false bottoms to find the money in the most unsuspected places. 

Their potent olfactory ability is capable of distinguishing from 100,000 classes of odours.
The ‘Emperor Case’ has, so far, made 87 arrests in Spain. 

108 searches have been carried out and more than €11.6 million recovered.
However, it’s thought that the group was laundering between 200 and 300 million € every year. Methods used included prostitution, illegal gambling or drug trafficking.
Among those arrested is the Citizen Security Councillor in Fuenlebrada, Socialist José Borath. Three civil servants have also been arrested, with a Guardia Civil Police Inspector, and an employee of the Government Delegation in Zamora, and the porn star, Nacho Nadal.

The police operation took place in Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga, Murcia, Alicante, Zamora, and the Basque Country.
Spain’s anti-corruption program now believes not one but two Chinese mafia groups have been working in Spain. 

Gao Ping, the leader of the largest group, was arrested in a gallery in Madrid last Tuesday, and now investigations by the anti-corruption have linked him to another Chinese mafia group which was broken up in 2011 by a Guardia Civil operation call ‘Dragón’. 

Both the groups used the extortion services provided a man called Hai Bo.
News from

Friday, October 19, 2012

Help Lola please

Our lovely dog Lola 
(6 years old, house-trained and loves children)
 is still looking for a new home,

Will someone help please ......  
This is now urgent

We are heart-broken to give her away but we are relocating across the world!

Call me for more info

952 553 729

Bench & Corner Table for Sale

I  have a classic garden bench with cream cushion €20
135 cm x 60 cm


 Lovely cream corner table with small drawer €7
H76 cm D40 cm W56 cm.
 call Margaret on  952 553 729

The Last Dog Standing.......

(Via Nina of Action for Animals)

As mentioned in a previous post, there was one dog at Dee's house in Cómpeta that cleverly managed to escape being caught on Sunday 14th October. 

She disappeared during the round-up, only to return later in the day when everything had quietened down. 
Her name is Sweep - medium size, gentle and timid, about 5 years old. 
If you can offer a permanent home to Sweep please contact Sue Backwell  637029331

Car for Sale

Landrover Freelander 
2 litre TD4. Year 2004. ITV Oct 2014. 93,000kms. 
Buyer to pay Transferencia.
Contact Nicky, 628870414 for further info.

Phoenix Club

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who brought in bags and bags of groceries onTuesday last - in response to our appeal on behalf of Cruz Roja. Thank you!  the Red Cross is coming to collect on Tuesday 23rd October, if you would like to meet them, do please come on upstairs at our Tuesday meeting in Supersol, Torre.   We hope to continue to collect for them until the 6th November.
The Phoenix Club is off on a jolly to IKEA and Viveros Guzman on the 30th November. 
We hope to spend just a couple of hours in IKEA, have lunch and then off to the wonderful world of Viveros Guzman to wander the garden centre full of Christmas plants and decorations, returning home at 5pm.
Fancy a day out?  

Then why not come along and join us. 
The price is €14pp and the first departure is from Algarrobo Lidl at 09.30.

The Phoenix Club is a registered charity raising funds for AVISA, the Interpreters Association at the Comarcal Hospital and Help4Heroes, an Armed Forces Charity who raise funds for our injured service men and women.
We meet every Tuesday between 12 and 2pm at the restaurant above Supersol in Torre del Mar.

For more info call Gail on 951067723, email or catch us on'

Computer Monitor for Sale

Acer 17in LCD Computer Monitor. 
1280 x 1024 resolution, 5ms response time, 5/4 aspect ratio, plug & play, TFT technology.
 Includes installation CD, internal speakers, cables, instruction manual/packing box.  
Perfect condition/working order.  Only €50
stuartlincombe  @

Paper going to On-Line

In the USA, Newsweek will be abandoning its paper version on December 31 this year but it will be staying online. The Editorial Director of the magazine, Tina Brown, has underlined that while paper sales are falling dramatically, traffic on the net has never stopped increasing.
In the U.K. there are reports on them doing the same at the Guardian.

Snippets from the Business News

The consumption of cement in Spain has dropped to where it as nearly half a century ago. The sector has lost 28% of workplaces since 2008.
However, this Editor saw TWO cement lorries (tankers) driving back down the Torrox-Cómpeta Road last week  - a blast of the past!
The long-term unemployed in Andalucía will get a subsistence allowance.

 I.U. and PSOE are negotiating a special budget for 2013. 
The objective of the help is that it will be available from January.
And another plan in Andalucía will be to rehabilitate homes to benefit 1,200 families. 

The program will generate 21 million € and create some 2,000 jobs. It will be carried out in 144 municipalities with the worse unemployment rates.

McDonalds are to create 300 jobs in Spain and invest €160 million in 60 new restaurants. 

The company says it will have the investment ready in 2014.
They say 75% in volume of their suppliers are in Spain, and Spain supplies most of the raw materials for their restaurants. The beef for the hamburgers comes from more than 30,000 farms in Spain.

House prices have gone down again and are now at the levels of 2004.

 In the third quarter of this year house prices fell by 9%. It’s a fall that’s never been seen before in the Development Ministry’s statistics.
The square meter cost has reduced by 25.5% since the highs of 2008.
Only 7% of home owners have managed to sell their homes in the last year. 

25% of homes have been on the market for two years.

Petrol prices
are close their historic high reaching €1.5 a litre. 

Filling your tank will cost you €82.3  
The price has gone up by 1.4% in a week.
Diesel has gone up by 0.17 % is now priced at €1.428. 

Filing your Diesel tank will cost €78.5, €8.8 more.
The highest petrol price was €1.522 and was reached in the last week of August.
The data come from the EU Petrol Bulletin