Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ryanair vs Spanish Government

 The argument between Ryanair and the Spanish Government gets bigger
The Spanish Secretary is travelling to Ireland today to discuss recent incidents on the airline.Photo EFE
The Secretary General of Transport, Carmen Librero, is travelling to Dublin today to maintain a ‘meeting of collaboration’ with her counterparts to analyse the security incidents seen recently in Ryanair, and to strengthen cooperation.
The pilots union, SEPLA, has said it thinks that if Ryanair don’t take action, this is ‘doomed to disaster’. 

They say that the policy of cuts ‘could lead to complicated moments’ and the claim that Ryanair has taken the concept of ‘low-cost’ too far. 
SEPLA says that the company ‘moves in the limit of legality’.
The pilots say having enough fuel means that have the time take decisions.
Meanwhile Michael O’Leary has put two open letters on his website criticising the Minister and accusing her of document falsification.
The open letters are at
In the letters he says that Ryanair is not a foreign airline, but a European one, that Ryanair has a 28 year safety record, as the largest passenger airline in Europe (with more daily flights than any other airline) we occasionally encounter diversions, technical problems or other inflight incidents, and in cases Raynair’s pilots comply fully with the safety and operating regulations of the European Union.
In the letters Michael O’Leary goes on to criticise some articles in the El Mundo newspaper, and claims he has been subjected to false and inaccurate reporting in the Spanish media (or forged documents) by the AESA or the Ministry of Development.
A video of a Ryanair Dublin airport staff meeting has appeared on You Tube. It is the supervisor tells of the men for the faults they made.
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