Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ryanair and Spanish Government.....

The Irish Government said on Tuesday that Ryanair complies with the security norms.
They made the comment to Spanish Secretary General for Transport, Carmen Librero, who had gone to Dublin for talks.
The visit came after Ryanair, the leader in Europe in low-cost airlines, suffered some incidents over past few weeks in Spain.
Also at the meeting was Ángel Luis Arias, the General Director of Civil Aviation, and the Irish secretary general for transport, tourism and sport, Tom O’Mahony.
The Irish Government said the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) rigorously monitors the operations of Ryanair, and that the airline meets all the safety norms.
During the meeting it was underlined that now there is a good cooperation between the IAA and its Spanish counterpart, the AESA, State Agency for Air Security. Proof of that comes with an undertaking on both sides to examine the circumstances of incidents together. 

They are starting with a diversion of a Ryanair plane on flight from Paris to Tenerife to land in Madrid a week ago.
The meeting came after Michael O’Leary put two open letters on his web page to outline his case.
The open letters are at" 

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