Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Remembrances for Tom Ferber

We are very saddened to hear that Tom has passed away.
He was a lovely guy with a great character and he was a true gentleman.
We will miss his style and his immaculate appearance.
His assistance to all in the Competa area via the town hall was renowned.
He will be greatly missed.
Our thoughts go to Gwen and all of Tom's family.
xxx Deepest sympathies xxx
Keith & Sue from Canillas

That trademark hat around the village. I used to wonder whether he wore it in bed. 
Tom cared for Compéta and the Alcalde’s tears at his funeral showed how much Compéta cared for Tom.

 It must be ten years since we first met. 
He taught me Spanish.
 I, with Jorgen, taught Gwen and Tom astronomy and cosmology.
 I have to say he was a much better pupil than I.
It’s not an exaggeration to say that Tom was one of the architects of the Competa that we know now, helping to bridge the gap between the locals and the ex-pats, making it such a delightful place to live. 

He helped an uncountable number of guiris negotiate the labyrinth of Spanish bureaucracy. 
But perhaps we didn’t see how well he was regarded by the Compétaneos until we saw the church packed.
He is a great loss to all of us.  I’ll miss that hat….

¡ Querida Gwen !
 Ayer, Domingo hemos oído unas de las más tristes toques de campanas...
 Sabemos que Tom está irre-emplazable para Usted.
 Sabemos que vosotros eran in "team" excepcional y especial.
 Queremos dar nuestras más profundas condolencias.
Jeanine and Martine 
Dear Gwen!  

Yesterday, Domingo we  heard the news from the  saddest sound - the bells… 
We know that Tom is irreplaceable for You.  
We know that you they were an exceptional “team”  and special.  
We want to give you our deepest condolences.

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