Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nursing & Support Available

I am available to provide a short term support service for people who are not "well enough" to go home from hospital or are struggling at home and require  some  TLC and practical help to return home .

As a trained (practising) general nurse (happy to provide evidence of my certificates and annual registration) I am able to assist people in many areas including management of diabetes,caelliac and diverticular disease and orthopaedic problems to name but a few.

As a trained Cruse counsellor I am also able to assist people who feel that they "can't cope" for whatever reason.I can liaise with the doctor to provide a profile of client need with suggested medication review if required.
The accommodation is in a comfortable villa  in the Torrox /Competa area and can be rented as a whole which allows  family members to stay or just an individual room at half the advertised price wherby a partner can stay therby aiding rest and  recovery (supported by a care package to suit the clients requirements )
I would also like to launch a resource centre so if anyone has any health related equipment that would benefit others I would  be happy to act as a collector  or keep a data for the benefit of people in the area.
If I can help you or you could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.
Liz Brown RGN ENB 941 (care of the older person) ENB 998 (teaching and assessment)
Please respond to englishnurse @ rocketmail.com

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