Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hospital Translating Services

When one has a hospital appointment and needs a translator, does anyone know how to book one please?
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  1. At the main entrance (not Urgencia) go past the Information desk on your left. The voluntary interpreters desk is the desk opposite the lifts. Let one of them know you will need their help and they will give you a slip of paper which says that you will need an interpreter in Spanish. You give this to the nurse at the same time you give them your appointment letter. They will then call for an interpreter as you go in to see the doctor. If there is no one at the interpreters desk, sit and wait or use the telephone on the desk to call them .... there is a note attached to the 'phone telling you which number to dial for either 'English' or 'German' interpreters. Just let them know you are at the desk needing assistance. I would advise you arrive 15 minutes before your appointment.