Thursday, September 27, 2012


Dear mr/mrs/ms  village no it all
If  you are going to run an information blog with a name you thrust into unsuspecting clients as " know it all",which you certainly don't  why is there no real information about whats really going on in the area like  new changes in the town hall new rules the Spanish implement on a whim that affect us all etc etc all you are doing is  running is  stupid tittle tat, cars for sale chairs for sale and post office sagas. If you are the editor which you sign your self as, then why not stand by your convictions and put your name to it, what are you scared of ?
Paul Brookes
for 15 years

A response
Dear Sir,
I don't call myself The Village Know it All. 

I chose that name for the Blog, which I created in the hope that people would use it as a vehicle for communicating with others, and for providing information to others in the wider area.
 I merely act as co-ordinator and, occasionally, proof-reader - tasks that most people accept are the function of an Editor. 
It would be so helpful to us all if you felt able to send details of the Spanish  initiatives which have caused you so much anxiety & inconvenience.
I rely on such correspondents for some of the content and am happy to acknowledge them.

Alternatively, there is the daily option to Unsubscribe from the VKIA news feeds.
Best wishes, 

I remain, The Editor.


  1. Well we love Village Know It All and read it every day - we find it interesting and informative and a really useful way of sharing all sorts of information G and P Competa for 7 years

  2. I don't think this "troll" should have had the satisfaction of seeing his rant published.

  3. I am puzzled. If Mr.Paul Brookes so dislikes the "Village Know-it-All" website, why does he continue to read it? If you are not interested in some of the items included, just continue to scroll down to the end. You may one day find something that YOU DO need, like an English Writing and Grammer class.I stopped counting after 12 glaring errors.
    Those who subscribe to "Village Know-it-All", do so, presumably, because:
    a) They enjoy reading it
    b) It keeps them up to date with "goings on" in their chosen place of residence i.e. burglaries, participating in local Spanish events, lost and found family pets etc.There may even be something in the "For Sale" and "Wanted" that appeals to you.
    c) Keeps us abreast of any (new and old) Spanish laws, and rules and regulations that the Editor is advised of, that may effect us as ex-pat residents of Spain.i.e. Hacienda Tax, IBI, Health care, changing our English plated cars to Spanish registration plates, driving licences etc. etc.

    Everyone that I know, who subscribes, thoroughly enjoys the updates and makes best use of the content. Long may it continue!