Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Coastal Building in Andalucia

The Environment Department is to work on the revision of coastal building along the Andalucía coast as new laws to protect the environment are introduced.
84% of the coastal municipalities have now adapted their plans to the current law.
The classification of the land along the Andalucía coast has seen no changes in classification for 20 years.
Now the Council of Agriculture, Fishing and Environment of the Junta has the intention to start a revision of the general urban ordination plans (PGOU).
The PGOU plans were draw up during the 'boom' years but now the land designation is questionable.
The Junta wants it to be adapted to the (POTA), the Andalucía Territorial Ordination Plan which was approved in 2006 and is more restrictive on the expansion of the municipalities.
There are some plots classified disproportionally to the needs and current demand, often in isolated areas where building is not advised. 

Most of these plots are linked to the development of second homes for foreigners.
During recent years some municipalities have adapted their PGOU, or carried out different updates, generally within the existing potential building land and, with the changes now being planned, land which has been abandoned will now come into development.

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