Thursday, September 20, 2012

Business as Usual - even in Prison

Prison rules prohibit the use of mobile phones by inmates, but over the last year in the Alhaurín de la Torre Jail in Málaga, the inmates have been finding phones.
The workers in the jail say the frequency inhibitors do not work properly and they cannot be repaired because of a lack of money.
The man responsible for the CCOO union in prisons, Juan Carlos Blanco, warned on Wednesday that it could cause a grand security problem not only for jail, but across the country as well.
‘There are prohibited mobile phones in the possession of the inmates which are often used for drug trafficking operations, or mafia clan bosses can directed their business from the jail'.
The Prison Authority has said the civil servants have recovered 30 mobile phones in one day.
The CCOO union says that an excuse of no funds is not enough because, for full security, the frequency inhibitors should work properly.

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