Monday, September 17, 2012

Burning of Vegatables led to Fires

The burning of vegetable remains led to the Costa del Sol fire on August 30.
The Infoca Brigade for the Investigation of Forest Fires has now concluded its report on the fire which burnt 8,222 hectares, 7,175 of them forestry.
The report said there was negligence during the burning of vegetable remains in a finca in Coín. 

The fire started in a finca which was on a hillside in the Cerro Alaminos, next to a track called Charco de Infierno.
 It notes that when the fire started at 6:50pm on Thursday August 30, the temperature was over 37.6º and the relative humidity was 18% in a wind with gusts of 34 kilometres an hour.
The fire was first detected by a look out from Infoca, which has the job of preventing and extinguishing fires.
The technicians, according to the Junta de Andalucía, have determined that the fire which had been burning the vegetable remains was abandoned when it was still smouldering. 

The Junta notes that this type of fire is prohibited during the season when the danger of forest fires is high.
A German man died in the blaze and two more of the same nationality were seriously injured.
The Junta has announced that the complete report on the fire has been sent to the Chief Prosecutor of the Environmental hall in Málaga and to Seprona, the environmental section of
the Guardia Civil.
It was the worst fire in Andalucía since one in Riotinto in 2004.

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