Monday, September 17, 2012

Britons flying to Ibiza

 (Editor's Note: I usually exercise my editorial right to correct vocabulary & grammar in Blog items - but this one just has to appear as it was written!.........)
The Guardia Civil on Ibiza has said that they detained two 19 year old Britons, Jonathan J.W. and Nicolas S. for showing their genitals to the crew and some of the passengers during a flight from Newcastle to Ibiza.
It happened last Thursday in flight when the two British men, in a state of noticeable excitation, stood up and dropped their trousers to their ankles. 

They then walked up and down the plane.
It was not easy for the crew of the JET 2 flight to calm the men down, and given their violent composure the main pilot had no hesitation in requesting the Guardia Civil to meet the plane when it landed in Ibiza.
The exhibition from the two men went on for three hours and on arrival they were formally accused in Ibiza of the alleged crime of exhibitionism.
There were children on the plane and under article 185 of the Penal Code if anyone carries out extreme acts in front of children they face a prison sentence of 6 months to a year or a 12-24 month fine

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