Friday, September 7, 2012

Brit Held Prisoner in a Flat 5 days

The National Police have liberated a British citizen who has been held in a flat in Manilva for five days.
The object of the kidnapping was to collect a debt resulting from drug trafficking, and the Briton was also wanted for money laundering offences and illicit association.
The operation has resulted in the arrest of the three kidnappers, two from the United Kingdom and the third from Ireland. 
It was carried out by agents of the first group of GRECO, the group which responds to organised crime on the Costa del sol, and Group 44 of the Central Brigade against drug trafficking. Both groups are part of the unit against drugs and organised crime UDYCO from the Judicial Police.
Information about the hostage was obtained in Puerto Banús on August 30. 
The National Police say the kidnappers met with the victim by chance, taking him ‘violently’.
After investigation the police established the organisation had a secure flat in Manilva noting that it was always guarded by members of the group.
The raid on the flat was organised by the GEOS Special Operations Group from Málaga and Sevilla, allowing for the arrest of two kidnappers and the release of the kidnapped man.

He was found prostrate on the bed in the back room tied down by this feet and hands with adhesive tape. He also showed signs of being hit repeatedly with a blunt object.
 Police found a baseball bat, a handgun, and an electric pistol.
After identifying the individual it was discovered that he was wanted in Spain for money laundering and illicit association, and that the authorities in Britain were planning to issue a detention order.
During the five days he was held, nobody denounced a missing person.

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